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In the first article in this series, "Azure Services Platform Step by step-1th" Introducing the Azure services Platform, Azure services Platform includes 4 sections. Windows Azure is the foundation for supporting the entire Microsoft Cloud Platform (Azure Services Platform). In other words, Windows Azure is the "operating system of the Cloud Platform", which provides the most basic and important service for the cloud platform.

Windows Azure consists of two important parts:

Virtualization Computing Services (provides VM based host. It has been demonstrated in the previous article. )

Various data storage services. This is the Windows Azure Storage to be described in this article.

Windows Azure Storage allows programmers to store any data they want to store. According to the concept of "cloud computing", once the data is stored in the cloud, it will never be lost, and programmers can get data of any size at any time, from any terminal or anywhere. Windows Azure Storage Just continues to follow this idea.

Windows Azure Storage consists of three important parts:

Windows Azure Blob: Storing large data

Windows Azure table: Storing table data. Similar to the data tables in the relational database, but different.

Windows Azure Queue: Provides an assign message service for asynchronous work. A bit like a message queue for the Windows system itself.

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