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Native MS Access Barcode generator is a VBA module that can be easily embedded in a Microsoft Access database to create a barcode image on a report. Once installed into a database, you do not need to install any other fonts or components when creating barcodes; it is a complete barcode generator that is used with the database, even when it is published.

Specific features:

Native Access Barcode Generator products are intended for access developers who want to integrate barcode functionality into databases and applications without relying on any external devices. Non-developers and end users may prefer to use the Idautomation Company's ActiveX barcode control instead of its products, because ActiveX controls are easier to use in Access

microsoft? Windows? 95 to Windows Vista? TD Width= "15%" > Application compatibility
compatibility and requirements
Access 2000 to access
OS compatibility
symbology compatibility Code, Code, Codabar, gs1-128, Interleaved 2 of 5, MSI, PostNet, Planet, Intelligent Mail (formerly Onecode), PDF417 and Data Matrix ECC200. *
128MB memory, 5 MB of available hard disk space
expected implementers Access developers and report designers; The
end user should use the Idautomation Company's ActiveX barcode control.
      • detailed Barcode Integration Tutorial shows the process of progressive implementation and integration of developers.
      • Multi-region compatibility covers all languages and regions, including double-byte versions of Windows, such as in China and Japan. The
      • provides two widths, which are coded in this package, interleaved 2 of 5, and the Codabar and MSI symbol encoding specifications provide 2:1 and 3:1 of these two narrow ratios. This ratio is changed by changing a parameter in a control character.
      • A variety of barcode types are supported by a single product.
      • High-precision Ansi-grade barcodes are generated at 1/000 scale per inch or higher. The
      • direction angle supports 0, 90, and 270 degrees. The
      • adjustable barcode height parameter varies with the size of the corresponding text box. The
      • supports USPS barcodes for USPS-128, PostNet, Planet, and new Intelligent Mail Onecode confirm. The gs1-128 supported by
      • includes all AIS and requires a check digit count. The
      • easy-to-use Control character encoding feature provides simple methods for encoding control characters such as enter and tab characters in these barcode types such as code, PDF417, and Datamatrix. The complete VBA source code for
      • is available to purchase users.

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