BPM process visualization development and configuration, research and development objectives (i)

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First of all, not to mention the actual production process of BPM first, in the actual work, we in the application of a project, often require a number of departments of the approval, only after approval can be approved after the project. Why should I approve it? Because the enterprise at the time of the station, he is a whole, its internal departments of each individual, so, a project will often design a number of departments, such as procurement, production, sales and so on. What is the traditional approval flow? Before we are holding a piece of paper, each department to find the relevant person to seal the confirmation, the whole walk down may be better long time, sometimes because a leader is not, we may also need to wait, this on the project the impact of the time, and because the process approval staff fixed, unable to respond quickly, a serious waste of company resources. In order to improve this situation, we need online approval, through the information system (not to mention BPM, say the traditional solution), the initiator may have written an application, and then the approver once for the approval of the application, the efficiency is much faster. However, with the continuous development of enterprises, organizational structure, personnel are constantly changing, the original system of the process is written by hard coding to die, to adjust to the new development, which is also very big investment for enterprises, because the system is constantly adjusting with the development of enterprises, if not quickly full to enterprise demand, The impact on the normal marketing operation of the enterprise is very big. So in order to solve the process of sustainable rectification, and can quickly corresponding to the change of this enterprise, we decided to adopt a process-driven framework to fill our actual office needs, now the mainstream open source BPM framework has a lot of, but I mainly selected 2 large framework, relatively old, more users. After the history of postgraduate examination of things are better, these two BPM framework is Activiti and JBPM. Both frameworks are process-driven frameworks, and then I'll talk about what happens to our process drivers.

Often explain the opinions of things, the text is difficult to understand quickly, but the graphics can be we quickly understand a thing, the following we talk about the flow chart, before we may often need to write a report, the report of more than live or less will have some flowchart, these flowcharts are through some office software to achieve, such as PowerDesigner or Visio. No matter what kind of software is drawn out of the flowchart is dead, why said he was dead. Because he just expressed the actual meaning, but he could not complete the approval. What can we do with BPM? We can let the process live, how to live, maybe some people will say, so magical, at first I also feel good magic ah. When I actually contacted, I found that the idea was really perfect, with him, the system developed, as long as the understanding of the business, even if the development of people can build their own processes to quickly respond to changes in the company to complete the corresponding business flow.

BPM contains several major content, namely: 1, visual process Building, 2, Visual Database Modeling, 3, visual form development, 4, visual report development.

With the 4 parts above, we can quickly implement flexible business processes, and now let's talk about what each part does. What functions can be achieved? What is the development process for a specific process? So we go into the world of BPM with these questions.

1, visualize the process of building

Through the Web Visualization process Modeling tool, the process can be built quickly by drag and drop, and the corresponding property configuration is made for each human node.

2, Visual Database modeling

The establishment of the database base table through the Web visualization, the user only need to make the field name, the field data type, does not need to study deeply, the system automatically generates the standard database table.

3, visual form development

Through the Web visual drag-and-drop way, quickly implement the user page structure, the WYSIWYG page is very suitable for the development of fee-based professionals.

4, Visual Report development

Through the visual configuration interface, the corresponding data report can be obtained by filling in the corresponding SQL statement.

Through the above 4 parts of the content, you can quickly realize the flow of operation, is not the idea is clear, yes, the idea is really clear. So our development goal is these four parts, today we first talk about the needs, and why we do so, tomorrow we go into the actual technology paste, the first part, the visualization process of the building. If you have a BPM development of friends, you can share, in view of the shortcomings in the text to give valuable advice.

BPM process visualization development and configuration, research and development objectives (i)

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