Brew advanced and proficient-3G mobile value-added service operation, customization and development-a 48-brew SDK File System with nine functions

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Brew supports all-round file system I/O operations to access files or directories. Brew applications before brew3.x can only access files or subdirectories under the application's own directory, or access files or subdirectories under the shared directory. Brew3.x introduces "FS:/" as the file prefix, which marks the difference between previous versions. "FS:/" represents the brew root directory and expands the application access scope, supports access to MMC, SD, Flash, and other external memory cards. "FS:/card0/" indicates the directory of the external memory card, "FS :/~ /"Indicates the directory where the application module is located, as shown in Figure 11-2.


Figure11-2: Directory structure in the file system


The names of brew file systems are case-sensitive. Below are common directories in brew file systems:

"FS:/" (aeefs_root_dir)

"FS :/~ /"(Aeefs_home_dir): mapped to" FS:/MoD/<modid>"

"FS:/sys/" (aeefs_sys_dir)

"FS:/MoD/" (aeefs_mod_dir)

"FS:/MIF/" (aeefs_mif_dir)

"FS:/shared/" (aeefs_shared_dir)

"FS:/address/" (aeefs_address_dir)

"FS:/ringers/" (aeefs_ringers_dir)

"FS:/card0/" (aeefs_card0_dir)

"FS :/~ <CLSID> /"

The file names without the "FS:/" prefix are still processed according to the rules of previous versions. The uppercase letters in the file name are automatically changed to lowercase letters ("/") and ("/"), the application directory is used as the root directory. Use ifilemgr_resolvepath () to convert the input path to the brew standard path (FS :/).

A major feature of the brew3.x file system is the introduction of the ACL function to share the directory of this application module to other applications for access. You can use the settings in the command line interface to share data. The directory shared to other applications. Its root directory "/" represents the directory where the application module is located, rather than the brew file system root directory "FS:/", that is, in the ACL, an application can only share its own Module Directory, but does not have the permission to share other application directories. The next chapter of the lecture on the editing and Management of MIF files will be explained.

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