Bulletin board at a school gate-poor design

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One day, I passed by a school and saw a bulletin board at the school gate. I wanted to see it more clearly.


The announcement board was surrounded by a flower bed. I couldn't see the announcement even when I stood outside the flower bed.



I chose self-analysis to find out my own shortcomings and find out why I couldn't see them clearly:

1. my eyesight is not good, one eye is 5.1, and the other is 4.9. Due to the light problem of the day, it is not conducive to the strength of my 5.1 eyes, therefore, the overall visual acuity can only reach my worst level.

2. In addition, if the height is not high enough, you can bend over and stretch your neck.

3. In the end, the most important thing is that I have a little bit of cleanliness. I have a look at the inner of the flower bed, and I am afraid to enter.


I really want to know how students read these announcements.

I 'd like to know how the staff posted it.


In addition to analyzing your own shortcomings, we also need to analyze the advantages of this method:

1. to prevent being uncovered, some school children and some community coordinators with sleeves are shorter than me and it is difficult to enter the flower bed, so it is basically safe to paste the content here, will not be revealed.

2. prevent being pasted. Now, all the posts for Small advertisements are being pasted and pasted without wasting any time. After seeing this announcement board, it will not waste about five seconds, and then cross-outbound. This kind of inefficient location won't be taken into consideration at all, and it's useless to post it, and you won't be able to see it at all.

3. to prevent people like me who want to know the situation of the school from appearing, the exposure rate on the internet is too high now. If I wear a watch and say an idiom, I will be held by others, it can be ignored by others.


I think of Joyo's advertisement email unsubscribed some time ago. On Joyo's website, there is an option to unsubscribe, obviously canceled, and I am still sending an advertisement email. Why do we need to place the Unsubscription function in the flower bed, and let the user stand outside the flower bed to unsubscribe, whether it is intended for the user to return or not, if not, simply do not provide the Unsubscription function. Since the function is provided, do not isolate it from the outside circle, and do not make the dirty content in it so that no one wants to go in.


In fact, in addition to complaints, we can also be more active, that is, to solve the problem, I have been fighting with Joyo, and strive to successfully unsubscribe to advertising emails as soon as possible.



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