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I have created a freeswitch learning and communication group, 45211986. Welcome to join us and provide SIP-based communication servers (enterprise-level UC, teleconference, scheduling system, etc.) and client solutions, developed for the SIP/IMS video client and supports access to the SIP Softswitch, IMS core network, voice, video, and instant messaging functions. The video formats support h263, h264, and MPEG4 soft decoding, provide hardware codec interface connection and server. If you are interested, contact me.

Freeswitch-based teleconference is a software-only solution. Through some optimization, a single server can process over 2000 calls and provide a variety of conference organization methods, including active calls and system calls, you can schedule and manage meetings through the Web, for example, broadcast a previously recorded voice file to the conference staff through the Web, and kick out a participant. At the same time, conference recordings and conference call records (CDRs) can be provided to connect to the PSTN side through sip relay.

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