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After using chrome for so long, the benefits are naturally Needless to say. The speed is fast, multithreading, and the interface is simple and comfortable. It is really easy to use. However, as chrome is new to the world, there are naturally many places lacking. After all, the browser market is not created in one day or two months, and it is impossible to go to the sky in one step, perfect. At present, the biggest headache is that there are many internal bugs, occasionally chrome will crash, and then frequent restart; Flash Support is poor, and layer support is not very good; what makes me feel most uncomfortable is that its bookmarks (ie or Maxthon is called favorites) files are very special. They are specially used by chrome and are not considered to be shared with IE or Maxthon. Of course, the generous chrome support to import the favorites from outside, but it is not willing to contribute to others.

After looking for a long time of information, I found that no ready-made software is available. Poor netizens are waiting for chrome to update and add this function. I can't wait. I checked its bookmarks and analyzed the feasibility. It should not be a problem. So it took two days to finally solve this small program and convert chrome bookmarks to the available formats of IE and Maxthon. The generated favorites can directly overwrite the favorites of the original IE, which is actually not very difficult, some technical workers can do this. Here we will share the code and knowledge points in the production process and discuss them well!

This article serves as an opening question. We will publish well-prepared programs for you to use first. By the way, we will test whether it works well. If there is any problem, we will send it to me directly. I will take some time to improve it.


Instructions for use:

Click the "Chrome bookmarks" button and select the chrome bookmarks, usually in c: \ Documents and Settings \ ** \ Local Settings \ Application Data \ google \ chrome, if you are using chromium in green, find the file named bookmarks in c: \ Documents and Settings \ ** \ Local Settings \ Application \ chromium \ User Data \ default, this is Chrome's bookmarks.

Click "analyze chrome bookmarks". The hierarchy of bookmarks is displayed in the tree on the left.

Click the "ie favorites location" button to select the favorite location to export, and then click "Import ie favorites" to export bookmarks.

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