CISCO ASA NAT reflow Solution

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In actual cases also encountered this kind of problem, the customer intranet has a server map on the Internet, extranet user access Global-ip no problem, but intranet users want to access Global-ip will not pass, typical is the user will intranet server made public network DNS a record, Both internal and external networks are accessed through domain names.

JUNIPER series equipment including NETSCREEN/ISG/SSG no such problems, directly through the ordinary dip can be achieved, the subsequent product SRX firewall also need to be solved by two-way NAT, the following Cisco ASA to solve this case,juniper The SRX resolution principle is similar.

The hypothetical topologies are as follows:

ASA Intranet network Segment, intranet Web server, corresponding external network Global-ip

Previous implementations of the 8.3IOS version:

Static (inside,inside) TCP 8080 -- Note: The intranet access will be converted to, where the purpose-based conversion is implemented, and then the source address is converted

Acc-list Permit IP host

Nat (inside) acc-list 100

Global (inside) interface--Comment: Convert source address to inside interface address

Same-security-traffic Permit Intra-interface--Comment: Allow interface to forward data simultaneously

8.3IOS version above implementation method:

Same-security-traffic Permit Intra-interface--Comment: Allow interface to forward data simultaneously

Object Network Inside-lan

Subnet --Comment: Define the intranet segment with the name Inside-lan

Object Network Inside-srv

Host Define the intranet Web server with the name Inside-srv

Object Network Global-ip

Host Define an extranet public IP with the name Global-ip

Nat (Inside,inside) source dynamic Inside-lan interface destination static GLOBAL-IP inside-srv-- Note: Source address converted to inside interface address, destination address converted to

Here is an example of one-to-one mapping, port conversion to define object is more troublesome, you can test yourself


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CISCO ASA NAT reflow Solution

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