Cisco Layer 3 and Huawei Layer 3 route settings

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The Group was originally connected to a subsidiary using the SDH leased line of China Telecom, and now a new mobile leased line is added, which is actually a transparent link. The core switch of the group is cisco00009, and the core switch of the subsidiary is Huawei 3526, all of which are three layers. Therefore, the two cores are connected through routes.
You can perform the following two steps:
1. Find an interface on each of the two cores and set two IP addresses with the same number segment so that the two cores can communicate with each other.
2. Configure routes and receipt routes on the two core switches so that the LAN of the two core switches can communicate with each other.
Connect Port A to port 6509 and set the IP address of port A to (note: the IP address is only configured for port A and VLAN123 is not created on port 6509)
Port B is connected to port 3526. Because all ports of the Huawei switch are Layer 2 ports, IP addresses cannot be directly set on the physical port. Therefore, VLAN123 is created first (consistent with port A's address segment, enables communication between A and B), sets IP192.168.123.50 for VLAN123, and puts port B in vlan123.
Now PING192.168.123.50 on 6509 can be pinged, and PING192.168.123.30 on 3526 can also be pinged. You can think that the address of port A on 6509 is an address in VLAN123 on 3526.
A and B can communicate.

However, the two local networks cannot communicate with each other. Because no route is set, both the 6509 and 3526 must be set. Find a computer from each of the two local networks. The IP addresses are (6509) and (3526). The routing and receipt routing settings are as follows:
6509: ip route
Indicates the path from 6509 to 3526
3526: ip route-static
Indicates the path from 3526 to 6509
In this way, the two computers can communicate. The route entry of the CIDR block is similar to this one. The destination address and mask are changed

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