Cisco launches a new multi-layer smart optical fiber switch

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High intelligence, high availability, and high reliability are the characteristics of multi-layer intelligent optical fiber switch. Although its technology is not very mature yet, it has been recognized by people. Cisco Systems recently announced that it will launch the CiscoMDS9100 series of multi-layer smart Optical Fiber switches this fall to meet the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises for deploying storage networks (SAN) based on cost control.

The new multi-layer smart optical fiber switch can benefit both entry-level and advanced SAN, and can achieve seamless migration from small SAN to large-scale SAN, thus effectively protecting customers' SAN infrastructure investment. According to industry analysts, the CiscoMDS9100 series products will expand Cisco's product coverage and deployment in various customers.

With the continuous development of the IT industry, the growth of the Fiber Channel market has attracted more and more attention. In its market segment, multi-layer intelligent fiber switches account for a large proportion. A large number of small and medium-sized enterprises hope to deploy a high-intelligence, high-availability, and high-reliability storage network (SAN) on the basis of cost control ), or, if you want to extend your SAN infrastructure from an entry-level network to enterprise-level deployment, try to protect your SAN infrastructure investment. Cisco's upcoming CiscoMDS9100 series of multi-layer smart Optical Fiber switches will make customers' wishes a reality.

Cisco provides Cisco Software and security capabilities as powerful as all its products for the CiscoMDS9100 series Optical Fiber switches. It has two models: CiscoMDS9120 with 20 Ports and CiscoMDS9140 with 40 ports. Both switches are installed in a rack device (RU) with a height of about 1.75 inch, and the rack thickness is less than 2 inch. This allows the two vswitches to be ideally deployed in data centers with limited space. From the perspective of port density of a 1RU high fiber channel switch, CiscoMDS9140 is in the leading position in the industry.

Cisco is confident in the launch of this series of products, and hopes that the CiscoMDS9100 series can meet the needs of different types of SAN customers at the same time. For small-and medium-sized enterprises that use a small SAN, their need for integrated management tools and security is usually higher than the need for the number of ports. The management software and user interfaces of the CiscoMDS9100 series are exactly the same as those of other switches of the ciscomds9000series, enabling SAN administrators to use advanced functions such as VSAN technology, diagnostic/troubleshooting tools, SAN security, and integrated management. These functions have a very high level of intelligence, that is, the Controller-level switches of other manufacturers cannot compete with it. Said JackieRoss, vice president of marketing at Cisco's storage business department. Many systems in the industry often require customers to pay additional fees for SAN management tools and other optional features. Cisco's policy always focuses on enabling customers to easily deploy MDS9000SAN, providing them with a set of comprehensive software and hardware functions required for SAN installation, configuration, and management.

In addition, thanks to the adoption of consistent software and hardware services, users using the new CiscoMDS9100 series Optical Fiber switches can achieve seamless migration from a small SAN to a large-scale SAN, this protects investment during the growth process. This is an important value for Cisco's new CiscoMDS9100 series multi-layer smart optical fiber switch. These fiber-channel switches provide higher-end controller-level switches for smaller SAN instances with functionality and flexibility at a low cost.

For example, when a small and medium-sized company migrates from a directly connected structure to a networked storage infrastructure, it is wise to build the first SAN using CiscoMDS9120. For administrators of small networks, low cost is often the most important parameter. CiscoMDS9120 will provide these new SAN users with all the tools needed to build and manage high intelligence, high availability, and high reliability SAN, and all will be integrated into the rack. For large companies, the flexibility of the CiscoMDS9100 series is remarkable. Large companies can deploy CiscoMDS9140 on the edge of the existing core SAN in the data center. CiscoMDS9140 will provide customers with a cost-effective way to expand the core SAN to more servers and storage devices, taking into account all the features they can use.

For the significance of Cisco's launch of this product, a stable entry-level product series is a key step in the SAN product field. In the long run, end-to-End SAN solutions will benefit the company. Rickw.ars, vice president of the storage system research group at the industry research institute IDC, said Cisco entered the controller-level switch market quickly, but its controller-level products were expensive and were not dominant in the market. CiscoMDS9100 series products expand Cisco's product coverage and their deployment in various customers.

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