CMYK mode in PS let the color of the photo magic

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We first look at the original picture and Effect chart:

The first step: convert the picture to CMYK mode: image-pattern ――cmyk color.

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Step Two: Click on the Channel to enter the channel surface version. Turn off the small eyes in front of some of the channels (shown below) to see if there are any colors that you like, and remember which ones we turned off.

Step Three: Image--adjustment--channel mixer: Turn off the channels that were just turned off to zero. As shown in the following figure

This step, the village chief used the method is screenshot, paste, save after opening and then adjust. Of course, friends here can not be all set to zero, can be based on their own preferences.

The fourth step: The adjustment of curve, color balance and so on.

Here, I mainly give a kind of thinking, have not done too much adjustment.

Fifth step: The image back to the RGB mode. The 452-step switching sequence is not related!

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