Color printing method with black and white laser printer-Hardware maintenance

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As we all know, laser printer toner used up, the principle of the manufacturers are required to replace the toner cartridge or toner cartridge, but the user in order to save most of the cost is added powder. But you know what? can also be "waste" value for the use of color laser printing.
We find three old toner cartridge or toner cartridge, clean the residue, you can open water wash, but the drum and fixing film or fixing roller with absorbent cotton to clean it. Prevent dead ends from being left with moisture. respectively installed in green. Magenta, yellow three color powder and mark the color of the color powder outside the box, so as to facilitate later use, plus the original black toner cartridge has a total of four sets. Then you can print it in color.
Need to output color pictures, with Photoshop and other software processing into C.M.Y.K separations, some typesetting software separations processing is also very convenient, can also be linked to the network output. The output of different separations film for the corresponding color toner cartridge, on the same piece of paper four times to print to get color pictures.
You should also note the following when you want to print well:
1. The first is the output of the printer image grayscale effect that is, gray level, to smooth evenly over, no trace line change. Some printers are known as 128 levels of gray, the effect is unsatisfactory. Do not only look at the indicators, to see the actual effect. Resolution of course to be more than 600DPI.
2. Repeat print positioning. Whether it's a ' U ' or ' L '-shaped paper structure, keep 20 or so pieces of paper in the carton for positioning. For the ' U ' shape positioning is easier, that is, in the direction of the paper in the back of the positioning mark, repeated printing to this location, in order to prevent the new paper when the paper dislocation, you can put the appropriate pressure paper wheel or put a few appropriate magnets. The ' L '-shaped structure needs to open the chassis to stick a few moderate pieces of plastic in the right place. In the paper when the role of positioning, but does not affect the walking paper.
3. Color printing order cyan, magenta, yellow, black.
Print quality, with 4,000-yuan inkjet printer I will not change. I changed it with a 1000-dollar old A3 printer. Especially in plain paper one will not Yin, two is not more than ink-jet printer slow, three cost than inkjet machine low. is worth the money.
The use of experience, the single picture sheet printing, the advantages are not obvious. However, more than one or single map of multiple sheets can avoid too frequent drum change, processing a color and then change color and drum. This processing speed is more than 10 sheets in 10 minutes. For simple text chromatography, as long as the separate printing, operation is very simple, but the color limit in green, magenta, yellow, black, too monotonous. If only use one, two kinds of colors, such as file set broken, can be used cyan, product, yellow, the system. Full color text printing that is not suitable for small or very fine lines, due to positioning and dot. Authentic color laser printer can not avoid the dot caused by the special small print as well as the dot. Normal size text can be printed in full color.
This method is passed on a variety of printers, and the powder should be matched with drums. The same principle can be used to implement color printing on the stylus printer.
Zhou Zhongming

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