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2 Floor Java Chapter
This article contains:. Java 2 core technology, 2. Java programming language, 3. Effective Java, 4. java FAQ, 5. Java Programming thought

3/F, article C
This article contains: 1. C programming language, 2. C and Pointers, 3. C Pitfalls and defects, 4. C Expert Programming, 5.495 C Language questions you must know

4 floor C + + article
This article includes: 1. C + + Primer, 2. C + + programming language, 3. Effective C + +, 4. "More effective C + +", 5. C + + standard library: Self-study Tutorials and reference manual, 6. C + + Templates , 7. "C + + must know", 8. "Essential C + +", 9. "More exceptional C + +", 10. "C + + programming thought", 11. "C + + meditation", 12. "Accelerated C + +", 13. "C + + Programming Specifications: 101 rules, guidelines and best practices, 14. "C + + Full reference manual", 15. "Effective STL", 16. "STL Source Analysis"

5 Floor data structure and algorithm chapter
This article contains: 1. "Introduction to Algorithms", 2. "Data structure and algorithm analysis-C language description", 3. "Computer Programming Art", 4. "C Algorithm (first volume): Basic, data structure, sorting and searching", 5. "C Algorithm (second volume): Graph algorithm", 6. "Algorithm Art and Informatics Contest", 7. Design and analysis of computer algorithms

6 Floor Programmer's comprehensive article
This article contains: 1. "Programmer Interview Guide", 2. "Programmer Interview Book", 3. "Game tour-My programming Sentiment", 4. "Escher," "Bach", "The Grand of the Wall", 5. "Programming interviews exposed", 6. Introduction to Novice programming , 7. Code Encyclopedia, 8. Code beauty, 9. Code optimization: Efficient Use of memory, 10. Working effectively with Legacy code, 11. Code Reading-The Open Source Perspective, 12. "Code reading Method and practice", 13. "Crazy programmer", 14. "Program Life", 15. "Software Engineering thought", 16. "I am a It little bird", 17. "The path of Programmer's cultivation"

7 Floor Operating System Chapter
This article contains: 1. "Operating system-core and design principles", 2. "Modern Operating System", 3. "Self-written operating system", 4. "Bird's Linux Private Cuisine", 5. "Linux Kernel Programming Guide", 6. "Deep understanding of the Linux kernel", 7. Advanced Programming for UNIX environments, 8. "Unix Operating system design and implementation", 9. Linux and Unix shell Programming Guide, 10. Linux device driver, 1. Linux Tutorial: Windows users turn to Linux 12 steps, 12. Linux Kernel source code scenario analysis, 13. Linux Kernel source code analysis, 14. Linux Kernel full annotation, 15. Linux 0.01 kernel analysis and operating system design

8 Floor Object-oriented chapter
This article includes: 1. "Head First design mode", 2. "Big Talk Design Mode", 3. "Design Pattern Refinement", 4. "UML and Rational Rose 2002 from Primer to Mastery", 5. "Sams Teach yourself UML in Hours", 6. UML Essentials: A concise guide to the Standard object modeling language, 7. Java and Patterns, 8. UML and pattern applications, 9. "Tao Nature: An object-oriented practice Guide", 10. Design Patterns explained:a New Perspective
On object-oriented Design, 11. UML distilled:a Brief Guide to the standard
Object Modeling Language, 12. oo Analysis and design, 13. Refactoring-Improving the design of existing code (Chinese version), 14. Elephant: Thinking in UML

9 Floor Compilation compilation
This article includes: 1. Intel microprocessor architecture, programming and Interfacing (Sixth edition), 2.32-bit assembly language programming in Windows Environment (2nd edition), 3. Assembly language (with answer), 4. "IBM PC assembly Language Programming (fifth Edition)", 5. " The Art of assembly language programming, 6. "Intel Assembly Language Program Design (fourth edition)", 7. "Hacker Disassembly Secrets"

8. "Compiling principle and practice", 9. "Modern Compiling program Design", 10. "Modern compiling principle--c language description", 11. "Compiling principle", 12. "Programming language compiling Principle", 13. "Advanced Compiler Design and Implementation Advanced compiler design and implementation ",

10 Floor Database Chapter
This article includes: 1. Introduction to the database system, 2. Introduction to Database Systems, 3. Basic database System tutorial, 4. Data mining-concepts and technology, 5. Database system implementation, 6. Database processing-Fundamentals, design and implementation, 7. "Information on the principles of The art of SQL language, 9. "SQL Must Know"

11 Floor Network Chapter

This article contains: 1. UNIX network programming, 2. UNIX Network Programming (Volume II): Interprocess communication, 3. C + + network programming
Volume 1: Using Aces and patterns to eliminate complexity, 4. C + + network Programming, Volume 2: System reuse based on ACE and framework, 5. "TCP/IP Detailed Volume 1: Protocol", 6. "Tcp-ip Detailed Volume II: Realization", 7. "Tcp-ip Detailed volume Three: TCP Transaction protocol, HTTP , NNTP and UNIX domain protocol

12 Floor Math Chapter
This article contains: 1. "Specific mathematics-Computer Science Fundamentals", 2. "Combinatorial mathematics", 3. "Discrete Mathematics", 4. "Discrete Mathematics and its application", 5. "Probability and Statistics", 6. "Principles of Numbers", 7. "Number Theory Guide"

13/F Other Articles

This article includes: 1. "Introduction to the Python language",. "Algorithmic Fundamentals of Computer Graphics", 3. "OpenGL superbible", 4. "Perl Programming", 5. "Perl Code", 6. "Introduction to Perl", 7. " Learn more about Python program development, 8. Python technology Reference, 9. Python Programming Guide, 10. Python core programming, 11. C # Programmer's Reference manual, 12. C # complete Manual, 13. "C # essence", 14. "

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