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Computer motherboard bad Reason analysis:

The computer motherboard structure is more complex, the fault rate is high, and the fault distribution is more dispersed. According to the source of the fault, the motherboard fault can be divided into power failure, bus failure, component failure, etc. completed. The main cause of the motherboard failure is as follows.

1, component reasons: The motherboard on the chip and other components of poor quality, resulting in the motherboard aging damage, resulting in the motherboard failure complete.

2, man-made reasons: in the use of computers, random hot plug hardware or disorderly use metal to touch a variety of connectors leading to the motherboard failure complete.

3, dust, electrostatic reasons: due to dust or static caused the motherboard contact bad, short-circuit or burned the motherboard on the chip, which led to the motherboard failure complete.

4, Lightning Impact

Electric surges are sometimes invaded by a wire interface during a thunderstorm, and should be avoided in the case of thunder, or purchase of lightning-proof motherboards.

5. Static electricity

Avoid touching the motherboard by hand, the installation should be discharged first, you can use the water pipe to release static electricity.

Contact bad reason: due to rust, oxidation, weakened elasticity, pin off welding, broken and other causes of the motherboard in a variety of chips, sockets, interface poor contact, and lead to the motherboard failure complete.

For the characteristics of the motherboard and fault reasons, when the motherboard found a fault, the motherboard failure to diagnose the method is like the following complete.

1th step: First carefully look at the motherboard to the various slots, fans, chips, etc. there is no (with the contrary) signs of damage: There is no burning on the motherboard, burning, foaming, plate cut off, the socket rust, capacitance slurry place: Whether the BIOS battery is finished. Just like if there are obviously very, very clearly damaged places to be targeted maintenance completed.

2nd step: Like if the motherboard does not (with the opposite) obviously very obvious damage to the traces, and then use a soft brush to clean the motherboard dust, after cleaning up the analysis of the motherboard is normal (contrary to the normal) finished. As if normal (contrary to abnormal), it is the dust caused by the failure of the complete.

3rd step: Just like if after cleaning up the dust, this is not normal (contrary to the normal), and then use a multimeter to measure the motherboard to the various power supply voltage is normal (contrary to the normal) (+5v, +12v, +3.3v, etc.) completed. Like if there is abnormal (contrary to the normal) voltage, analysis of the power supply and its motherboard electrical circuit failure is complete.

4th step: As if the motherboard voltage is normal (contrary to the normal), and then to the motherboard power analysis, see the motherboard has no fever in the chip finished. Just like if there is a hot chip, first analysis of the heat of the chip input, output end whether there is a signal (see waveform) finished. Just like if there is an input signal, no output signal, then analyze whether the heating chip has a clock signal complete. Just like if there is, then this chip damage, replacement can; Just like if there is no clock signal, follow the chip connected to the circuit analysis of the chip to the previous level, until the failure to find the components complete.

5th step: To find the fault components, temporarily do not remove from the motherboard, you can choose the same model of the chip connected to it, and then turn on the boot to observe whether normal (contrary to the normal) finished. Just like if the motherboard fails to disappear, the chip is damaged and the chip is replaced.

6th step: Just like if the motherboard is still faulty, then use the tangent, borrow line method to find a short route completed. Just like if you find a ground signal line and ground or +5v voltage line and other short-circuit, you can cut off the line and then measure to determine the problem is the chip on this board circuit board line problem completed.

7th step: Just like if the above method does not work, use the control method to find a same model of the main board control measurement of the corresponding chip pin wave shape and its parameters to confirm the chip is complete.

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