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Computer now has become a daily necessities of life, then how much do you know about computers? The following small series for you to organize some common computer hardware knowledge, quickly to learn!

Computer hardware, including all the physical parts of a computer, to differentiate between the data it contains or executes and the software that provides instructions for the hardware to complete the task. Computer hardware mainly includes: chassis, motherboard, bus, power, hard disk, storage controller, interface card, portable storage device, built-in memory, input equipment, output equipment, CPU fan, buzzer and so on.


    Fault classification

  Human failure

Some friends, computer operation Knowledge knows less, in the operation does not pay attention to the operation of norms and safety, so some parts of the computer will cause damage. such as live Plug and pull equipment and board, installation equipment and board when the excessive force, resulting in equipment interface, chip and board, such as damage or deformation, which caused the failure.

  Environmental failure

Due to the external environment caused by the fault, generally refers to people in the unknown situation or unpredictable, irresistible circumstances caused. such as lightning, mains power supply instability, it may directly damage the motherboard, in this case, people generally have no way to prevent, the external environment caused by another situation, is due to temperature, humidity and dust caused by the fault. The symptoms of this situation are: Frequent crashes, reboots or sometimes can not boot, and so on, resulting in unstable performance of the machine.

  Quality failure

Component quality caused by failure, this situation refers to the motherboard of a component of its own quality problems and damage. This kind of failure will generally lead to a part of the motherboard function can not be used normally, the system can not start normally, the self-test process errors and other phenomena.

The motherboard is a key component of the entire computer and plays a vital role in the computer. If the motherboard fails, it will affect the entire PC system's work.

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