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The motherboard is also called the Master board, as the name implies is the computer's mother, its upload has the CPU, the memory, each kind of board card and with it the external equipment which connects. Therefore, it is an important part of the computer system, but also the most trouble-related accessories. Below I dedicate myself to this complex breakdown body's understanding dedicated to everybody.

  Motherboard and Cache

Failure 1: Cache chip instability

Failure phenomenon: In the COMs settings if the board allows two cache (L2 cache or external cache), running the software will be easy to panic, and the ban on the two-level cache system can be normal operation, but the speed is much slower than the same-file computer.

Analysis and resolution: because it is to be reminded to use the two-level cache to open this option switch, and then there is a frequent panic, so that there is a two-level cache chip work instability. Touch the radiator with the hand, thus put off the static electricity on the hand, then use the hand one after another to feel the motherboard two cache chip, obviously aware that there is a chip than other heat, replace the system normal.

Failure 2: Level two cache corruption

Failure phenomenon: The computer post process interrupted in the display 512K cache location.

Analysis and resolution: Since the display of a cache-killing machine, there must be a problem with that part or the subsequent part. Remember the normal boot after the display of the turn of the hard disk to start the operating system. Therefore, it is OK to distinguish between open cache and hard drive failure. Remove the hard drive and install it on another computer to verify that the hard drive is good. So focus on the cache. Into the CMOS settings, prohibit the L2 Cache, the computer can work properly. Put away the static electricity on the hand, touch the cache chip on the motherboard, found that two pieces are not hot. It is estimated that these two pieces are problematic. But because these chips are welded on the motherboard, and the pin is relatively thin, can not be welded, but also by the maintenance department refused to set aside the board, advance to PII computer. Because I do 3DS animation, requires high speed. I can't stand the old bullock cart after the cache is banned.

Fault 3: Fake level Two cache

Symptom: My computer has 256k cache, but obviously no other 256K cache motherboard fast, CMOS L2 cache behind is enabled.

Analysis and resolution: the use of speed-measuring software compared to allow and prohibit the cache of two states, found that the computer speed has not changed. This indicates that the motherboard's cache is fake. Because they belong to the working-class, using the computer just to turn themselves from the manual jungle gym into an efficient electronic climbing hand, so did not replace the real cache.

  Motherboard and CPU

Failure 1: Unsupported CPU on board

Symptom 1: A motley motherboard, its specification does not support AMD k5-pr133, but support AMD K5-pr90 and AMD k5-pr100. The computer monitor does not light up after installing the AMD k5-pr133 CPU.

Analysis and Resolution: Although from the motherboard jumper can be in accordance with the AMD k5-pr133 voltage, internal and external clock frequencies and frequency multiplier factor jumper, but from the above phenomenon, the motherboard does not support this CPU. The so-called motherboard to support a CPU, not the motherboard on whether the jumper can be set by the CPU specification parameters, but to undergo rigorous testing. Only the test results are available and can be stable to run is to support this CPU. If you are a brand-name motherboard, you may also use the Internet to find the BIOS upgrade program on the motherboard to improve the support for this CPU, of course, this is based on CPU does not conflict with the hardware on the motherboard.

Symptom 2: IBM 6x86 MMX 233 not supported on the application manual on the 586 motherboard. Strictly according to the parameters of the CPU on the parameter set is 2.9V and 75mhzx2.5, the result, the system is running unstable.

Analysis and Resolution: Although the motherboard specification does not explicitly support IBM 6x86 MMX 233, but does not mean that it is not supported, it can only indicate that the motherboard manufacturer did not or failed to pass the CPU test. Therefore, on the one hand, the CPU surface parameters can be set, on the other hand, you can set the normal way to support such a CPU. Some motherboards for CYRIX/IBM 6x86 support is not good, and this CPU use non-standard frequency (the past 66MHz is the standard bus frequency) is not unrelated, and the use of more than 66MHz frequency is CYRIX/IBM, AMD and CPU hegemony Intel competition powerful means. Many motherboard manufacturers warn users to follow the parameters set on the CPU surface as much as possible. But in fact, for a particular CPU FSB corresponds to more than one pair of frequencies and multiples. The true FSB of IBM 6x86 MMX 233 is 200MHz, which can be set 75mhzx2.5 or set to 66MHZX3. And 66MHz is the industrial standard frequency, 75MHZ non-standard frequency, many motherboards or other parts of the system can not or do not well support 75MHz, 83MHz frequency, so can be changed to 66MHZX3. As a result, the system runs normally.

Failure 3: Bulk PII/300 CPU cannot stably support 100MHz frequency.

Symptom: Use ASUS PII B 100MHZ motherboard, brand name 64M 100MHz memory, treasure brand chassis and power supply, after connecting the power cord, do not press boot button computer automatically started, the screen is dark.

Analysis and Resolution: Because of the use of many brand-name accessories, it is suspected that the chassis button is always in the open state. The test results show that the chassis switch is normal. Change the chassis and power supply or the above failure occurs. From then on, I suspect there is a problem with the ASUS motherboard. The same is true because two computers are assembled using the same configuration. Changing the motherboard is still a failure. Then one by one replacement, when the replacement of the original (boxed) PII CPU, the system is operating normally. After that, the bulk PII CPU was installed on the 66MHz ASUS motherboard for stable operation.

  Motherboard and main chipset

Failure 1: The main chipset does not match the memory.

Symptom: ASUS PII L97 motherboard, computer monitor does not light up when using 100MHz RAM.

Analysis and resolution: the ASUS PII L97 Motherboard uses the Intel 440LX main chipset, which theoretically supports only 66MHz bus frequency motherboards, does not support 100MHz bus frequencies, and naturally does not support 100MHz memory. Therefore, the symptom is the same as the memory bar is bad. Motherboards with the Intel 440BX main chipset that support the 100MHZ bus frequency should be used, such as Asus PII B, gigabyte 686BX, Soyo 6BE, or 6BA.

Failure 2: The main chipset does not match the hard drive.

Symptom: When the original 586 motherboard was upgraded to the motherboard for Intel 430 TX, the original 420MB hard drive was unstable and there was a total error.

Analysis and Resolution: Intel 430 TX motherboards are best to use a high-speed hard drive with the Ultra DMA/33 interface, otherwise the speed mismatch is error prone. 420MB hard drive is a low-speed hard drive, either replace the hard drive or disable the IDE Primary Master UDMA option on the DMA interface in integrated peripherals in the motherboard BIOS. Typically, the Intel 430FX, VX, HX main chipset boards do not support DMA interface hard disks well. Some non-standard VX Pro main chipsets, which claim to be an improvement on the VX chipset, can support both vintage low-speed hard drives and today's high-speed hard drives.

  Motherboard and win

Failure 1: Motherboard does not support win

Failure phenomenon: A Marine 586 motherboard, in the installation of win, there is no solution to open the CAB file error.

Analysis and Resolution: first increase the number of open files in the Config.sys file, the result is futile. After the suspicion is win 95 of the installation of CD-ROM problems, the original CD-ROM or can not solve the problem. Replacement of a good fault-tolerant new optical drive installation, the failure remains. Then replace the memory bar, display the card and unplug the other parts on the computer, the result is still not. The motherboard's BIOS added password, and the original above installed win, has been running stably for a long time, but the most recent run-time error, the replacement of memory and CPU errors, and finally changed other brands of the motherboard can be installed after the normal win. It is suspected that one of the parameters in the BIOS of the marine motherboard is improperly set or that a less important chip on the motherboard is broken, causing the already installed win 95 to run incorrectly and not to reinstall Win 95. It has been proved that the motherboard can run Windows 3.2 stably for a long time.

Failure 2: Install win 95 out of registry error. Symptom: Install Win 95 on a Marine motherboard with registry errors on the first boot.

Analysis and Resolution: Because the Ocean board was not able to install the win 95 problem, replace the other motherboard immediately so that the win 95 installation smoothly.

Failure 3:win 95 and motherboard antivirus conflict

Symptom: At the beginning of the installation of Win 95, a black rectangular area suddenly appeared on the screen and then crashed.

Analysis and Resolution: carefully look at the black area, like there is a hint of what, adjust the display brightness and contrast switch, the feeling is related to the virus. Because the author of the motherboard BIOS in the prevention of the virus in the boot area has done many experiments, more experience. As a result, you have entered the BIOS setup and found that the "Virus Warning" (Virus warning) option in the BIOS Features Setup (BIOS feature settings) is set to "enabled" (allowed). After the modification to "Disabled" (prohibited) reinstall Win 95 was successful.

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