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I don't think I need to nag. The importance of outside chain construction, everyone is sure and mirror-like, know that the construction of the chain is the basis for the site to take off, but really talked about the deep-seated problems of the chain, I believe that everyone (including me) must have a lack of understanding of the place, as the development of the right-hand men, the chain of the "fishy" There are a lot of, just stationmaster weekdays excessively focus on the result, and put these details to ignore, in fact, sink destroyed in the nest, some small details handling is not good, the ultimate success of the site will not be protected. So in doing outside the chain, whether from the choice or release on the carefully, each step can not be ignored, only in this way we can cast a solid foundation, so today I am here to give you a little experience in doing outside the chain construction, of course, is only a personal summary, I hope it can be of some use to everyone.

Construction of the outer chain

Here I will not talk about the construction of the site outside the chain of specific methods, but from the side to say that a measure of the construction of the chain 3 elements, because from my point of view stationmaster as long as mastered these 3 points, also know how to build the chain.

1 whether the chain to the site to bring accurate traffic (relevance)

To be honest, the ultimate goal of our website is to generate traffic for the website, which will bring in the click-through and conversion rate. But this does not mean that the webmaster only to pay attention to the number of site traffic, but ignored the quality of traffic. Because in the measurement of flow quality, the relevance of the construction of the chain is particularly important, imagine a user through other keywords accidentally break into your site, when you see your site and he needs to be different, immediately will jump out, such traffic on their own site and what use?

2. Quality is also the benchmark for the construction of external chain

Just like flow, outside the chain construction also needs to pay attention to the quality, and there is an old saying in China called, Ningquewulan. The site for the needs of the chain should not only stay in the number, to know that the search engine for some low quality or no use of the chain will be regularly deleted, which will result in the Site keyword rankings and the decline of the chain, the development of the site is certainly no benefit. So in the construction of the chain when must have a clear understanding of the other site, weight, included how, have been punished and other factors that may affect their quality of the chain should be taken into account.

distribution of the outer chain

The chain has been built, followed by the release process. For this part, a lot of stationmaster did not expend a lot of energy, thought that the main body of the chain is to build, to find a good friend chain, or a regular increase or decrease in the chain will bring a good impact on the site, in fact, is not the case, outside the chain release platform, as well as the distribution of the way the comparison is possible around the construction of the chain Although these factors are insignificant, but for Web site construction is ultimately influential, so in this above a little kung fu I, completely worth.

1. The weight of the publishing platform

In fact, this is very easy to understand, because the high weight of the platform will provide a high level of the site's outside the chain, so as to enhance the site outside the chain of construction effect. For each platform, I also summed up a bit.

Forum class Platform: outdated, webmaster encyclopedia, etc.;

Questions and Answers class platform choose Baidu know, Tencent ask;

Soft Wen site A5, Chinaz, seowhy and so on;

Of course, this is only my own point of view, in different areas there will be different platforms, and these are based on our own to dig. However, the high weight platform will let the webmaster get higher outside the chain weight, but also more stable.

2. Content relevance of the platform

The development of the Internet can be used to describe the rapid, think how many years on the hot platform, such as A5, Chinaz, mop and so on are the best of different types of platform in China, and new knowledge, the emergence of the more let us see a bright, in addition to the curiosity of the platform, More is to find another hair outside the chain of good places. In fact, it is not that all the platform is suitable for us to do, webmasters should be looking for and their own site content similar to the platform to stay outside the chain, this is not only a chain, but also to bring traffic to the site. Content relevance can also increase the weight of the site, the high weight of some sites you will stay outside the chain, included is a stable high weight of the chain of relevance, but also to improve the site's user experience.

3. Whether the outside chain construction can give the website to create a stable atmosphere

In fact, the stability I'm talking about here is the increase in the nature of the outer chain, because there are a lot of novice webmaster in the initial stage of the site will not be able to, always want to make their own site in a night to play the name, so 50 of a day out of the chain of the situation has occurred, and due to excessive distribution of the chain, so the effect into a straight line down, And this has another problem, that is, if the site outside the chain construction of the site does not bring direct benefits, part of the webmaster will appear inert psychology, such as hair today 15, tomorrow, 20, the day after tomorrow directly not hair, and so on, this kind of unstable outside the chain of construction of the site's impact is fatal, So a stable outside the chain building atmosphere is critical to the site.

4. Outside the chain release process needs the timely maintenance and the Click is like the Baidu Guide

The construction of the chain is not opportunistic one, do not think that as long as the issue is all right. In fact, the chain in the construction of the time also needs "after-sales service", and this after-sales service is clearly outside the chain of maintenance and clicks. For example, we post in the A5 forum, plus their own links, but after the hair we do not go to the top sticker, let it disappear in the Forum sea, and then sank, the chain effect will certainly be greatly discounted. As the Baidu Guide said, we can completely share their own posts to Sina Weibo, Baidu space, as well as QQ area, so as to increase the click rate of posts, and secondly can indirectly improve the weight of the site, the site outside the chain is very beneficial.

5. Distribution links can not be greedy, but also pay attention to their own effectiveness

Some stationmaster is unable to sink the gas, an article often will add dozens of links, do this to the website is the destruction behavior, because the search engine will think your website existence cheating behavior, gives the weight not enough, therefore my suggestion is an article to add at most 2% anchor text, If we have to refer to a keyword many times for the sake of necessity, we need to add the first keyword to the link.

In addition, when we do forum links, we should make sure that this forum can be combined with effective outside the chain, because many forum blog comments system Plus "noflow" label, if again in such a forum to send a link, that pure broken is a waste of time.

In my opinion, the construction of the chain is a very big project, whether from the construction of the chain, or release, we should step by step "through" the heart, a detail can not let go, and only in this way can play a role in helping the site.

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