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Headline number: Recently a lot of netizens asked me about the PDF conversion to editable Word document software, small q that although there are many similar to the online PDF conversion to Word converter, but from the performance and conversion effect, Quick PDF conversion to Word Converter free version v6.0 is a more ideal choice, children's shoes need to try to see.

PDF conversion to Word Converter is a professional PDF to Word tool software, it can quickly and accurately extract the text and pictures in your PDF document, conversion to save in Word format, but also good for the original PDF text/font/size/line spacing, etc. remain unchanged, Images are also restored to the original layout, minimizing the original file's information! It is important that it is completely free to use without any functional limitations!!

PDF file Conversion Tool Features:

1, Conversion Mode diversification: File to Word, file to Excel, file to PPT, file conversion html, picture to PDF, file to txt, file to IMG, Word to PDF, ppt to PDF, Excel to PDF, PDF cutting, pdf merge, pdf decryption, PDF compression, pdf image capture.

2, Fast conversion Speed: 100-page electronic version of the PDF paper only takes 1 minutes.

3, the conversion effect is good: can be perfect to restore more than 90% of the graphic version of the PDF document.

4, Support batch PDF file conversion: Support dual-core dual-thread simultaneous conversion, a lot of document conversion faster!

The software interface is simple and easy to use, it is easy to get started, a few steps can be done PDF conversion, plus the software is small, green and useful, for in the hard to find pdf how to turn word, how to convert PDF to Word method of friends, is a rare perfect PDF conversion to Word Converter! necessary practical software for office learning!

Conversion tips: If you need to convert a PDF to Word, you can use it by adding a PDF file--Choosing a conversion mode--to start the conversion. Using this method can also convert bulk pdfs to TXT, which is undoubtedly the best choice for complex work requirements with the help of PDF conversion software.

: PDF converted to Word converter

Convert PDF to editable Word Converter

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