Cool big, teach you step by step in Linux correctly install XCache acceleration PHP.

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First of all, the strong spit groove, Baidu on the tutorial, are left copy right copy, a mess, lack of east-west. Take this slightly cool greatly I provide my painstaking finishing good tutorial. So that you can smooth the use of XCache to accelerate PHP, if you read it, also operation, or failure, please contact micro-cool Big QQ 496928838, micro-cool big also want to see how you are not installed step by step.

Cool greatly original material, reproduced kneeling beg you to keep good my information.

#第一步, download XCache

#第一步很easy, if you can't download it, it's character problem.

#第二步, unzip the XCache source code.
TAR-ZVXF xcache-3.1.0.tar.gz

#第二部, is also very easy, assuming you can not decompress is character problem.

#接下来, by the way, into the installation folder
CD xcache-3.1.0

#第三步, it is important that the basic error is here.
#首先, to run the Phpize configuration before installation
Path to/php/bin/phpize
#请确保已经安装了php, if you do not have PHP installed, please install PHP first. (Crap, you don't load PHP, what XCache AH)

#接下来, configuration----compile-and-install, can be one step, provided you have no errors in the path.
#配置./configure--prefix=/php Path/lib/php/extensions--with-php-config=/php path/bin/php-config--enable-xcache# Compile make# install make install

#安装完毕后, there will be something similar to the following hint that proves successful installation.

#到这里, even if the installation is complete, the rest is the configuration work.

#把xcache管理页面, move to a Web folder.

#./htdocs, this is in the source code folder. Don't tell me you can't find it.
#/www/web/xcache,web folder, name is what you like.
#当然, suppose you're very stupid. I can't afford to use this command. Then, in the extracted source code folder, directly through the FTP tools, such as direct movement is OK.

Configure PHP.ini,
or in the Source code folder, locate Xcache.ini, and then add it directly behind the php.ini.
#或者用下面命令, append config file Xcache.ini to php.ini
Path to Cat Xcache.ini >>/php/etc/php.ini

#假设你非常笨, or recommend FTP inside operation, because behind also change under the management of username with password ...

Notice the changes in the properties in the Xcache.ini. At this point, after running the above command, you need to edit the php.ini.
Xcache.admin.user = "Admin"
Xcache.admin.pass = "21232F297A57A5A743894A0E4A801FC3"
Password is admin, want to change password what, with your intelligence you understand.
Xcache.mmap_path = "/tmp/xcache"
#这个文件建议在tmp文件夹咯, remember to give 777 permission.
Touch/tmp/xcachechmod 777/tmp/xcache

These are the places where you need to be aware.
Here's the Xcache.ini I've configured, and I'll get rid of what I'm staring at.
To gaze, please go to here to look slowly ...
[xcache-common]extension =[xcache.admin]xcache.admin.enable_auth = Onxcache.admin.user = "Admin"               Xcache.admin.pass = "21232F297A57A5A743894A0E4A801FC3" [xcache]xcache.shm_scheme = "mmap" xcache.size =            128mxcache.count = 1xcache.slots = 8kxcache.ttl = 0xcache.gc_interval =    0xcache.var_size = 4mxcache.var_count = 1xcache.var_slots = 8kxcache.var_ttl = 0xcache.var_maxttl = 0xcache.var_gc_interval = 300xcache.var_namespace_mode = 0xcache.v Ar_namespace = "" xcache.readonly_protection = Offxcache.mmap_path = "/tmp/xcache" xcache.coredump_directory = "               "Xcache.coredump_type = 0xcache.disable_on_crash = Offxcache.experimental = Offxcache.cacher = Onxcache.stat = Onxcache.optimizer = Off[xcache.coverager]xcache.coverager = OFFX Cache.coverager_autostart = onxcache.coVeragedump_directory = "" 

Restart the server, it is so simple, if no accident installed.
Service httpd Restart

See if there are any xcache in phpinfo. There is proof that the installation was successful.

Assuming the configuration is complete, the page will not open. Prove that you have php.ini in conflict.

such as Zend Optimizer, this thing will conflict. The solution is to change the zend_extension into a XCache defined cache file.

Cool big, teach you step by step in Linux correctly install XCache acceleration PHP.

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