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"RSA has so far been successfully integrated into EMC's overall product system, including the RSA unified security platform for identity authentication, critical data protection, and infrastructure IT infrastructure protection, and has been integrated with EMC's storage product line and has become a bright spot in EMC's overall product system." "At noon March 2, 2009, when Mr. Sam Curry, vice president of global product management and strategy, RSA EMC Information Security, described the successful integration of RSA with EMC.

It should be said that EMC and RSA are not related, however, in the application of new data center building requirements, because of key data, the two organically combined.

Critical data faces a lot of threats

At present, for most enterprises, the real goal of the enterprise Construction Network is to run all kinds of key business systems, such as ERP, CRM system, OA Office system, mail, Skype and other network communication systems, various Web content publishing systems. This means: to ensure the continuity of the enterprise's key business system, this is the current enterprise operation and maintenance engineer's real work goal.

An important prerequisite for ensuring the continuity of critical applications is to ensure the security of critical data.

However, in the past year, the EMC "Mail Gate" incident, HP "phone door" incident, the Shenzhen Maternal Information disclosure incident, all kinds of events show: Enterprise key Data protection, has arrived at the time to resolve. For example, in the Shenzhen Maternal information disclosure incident, because someone used the job, in the work only spent 5 minutes, through a U disk copy the relevant important data, and resulting in a series of problems. This exposes the dangers of critical data in our business.

"The key to these problems is that the theft of data leads to a wealth of profits that drives the emergence of threats." "Sam Curry pointed out.

We will say that the current enterprise has deployed a large number of firewalls, anti-virus software and other measures, why the key data security issues?

In fact, firewalls, anti-virus software and so on are network boundaries and infrastructure, if the lawless elements through these defenses, or data through mobile devices, e-mail away from the secure network scope, it will face the risk of being stolen or lost.

For an enterprise said, stored in the enterprise internal data to be leaked out, there are mainly online and network under two ways. The network form mainly refers to through the mail sends, QQ, MSN and so on transmission, the FTP uploads, the forum posts and so on the way carries on. Sensitive information within the enterprise may also be compromised or deleted by unauthorized internal personnel. Female Secretary PK boss of the EMC "Mail Gate" event, HP "Phone door" events, are telling us a fact, through the outgoing mail, BBS, blogs and other causes of internal confidential information leakage is more and more common. The confidential information that an enterprise/organization relies on for survival is likely to be leaked intentionally or unintentionally by employees or even departing staff.

On the other hand, data security becomes a central problem when the enterprise stores the key data efficiently.

EMC buys RSA: Associating storage with data protection

Based on this understanding, EMC and RSA come together.

As we all know, EMC is the leader in the storage domain, its important solution is the hardware data storage platform, as well as the data backup recovery system, on its system, stores the current key user data of many large enterprises such as banking, telecommunication, securities and so on. RSA is the leader in the field of identity authentication, coupled with its envision information Audit system, DLP (Data protection System), for enterprises to provide effective key data protection.

We can imagine that the key data of an enterprise needs to be effectively stored and managed, what will the enterprise take care of next when the data is well stored? This is the key data security issue, the key data needs to be saved securely! That's why EMC has acquired RSA, and both can be quickly and efficiently consolidated.

As early as three years ago, EMC had a clear goal: to develop a unified security approach that covered all EMC products. The acquisition of RSA enables EMC to achieve a unified security solution for data storage and data security. As a result, EMC has shifted from its previous data-storage vendor to a fully data-centric information infrastructure provider.

Previously, when EMC acquired RSA, there were critics who believed that EMC could not consolidate RSA technology in its storage offerings. But the fact proves that the integration of the two is better, which is inseparable with the real application demand of the enterprise.

EMC's acquisition consolidation behavior for RSA represents a major trend in the integration of data storage and data protection.

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