Data center data center design and technical balance of various specialties (1)

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Data center data center design and technical balance of various specialties (1)

1. Data Center Model Introduction

The data center is a place that provides an operating environment for electronic information equipment. It can be a part of a building or building, including the primary data center, auxiliary area, support area, and administrative area. The typical data center model 1 is shown.


The typical IDC Data Center project is divided by function, mainly including auxiliary equipment areas (UPS, battery, diesel generator set), master data center, monitoring room, conference room and office area. In actual construction, the functional areas and layout of the data center Data room may vary depending on the actual situation.

The usage, management requirements, and economic and social importance of data center equipment rooms determine their particularity and security. As a part of a building or building, it will inevitably be disturbed by the external environment, thus affecting the normal operation of electronic information equipment in the data center room. Otherwise, it will suffer economic losses, and serious ones may affect social stability, cause immeasurable major disasters. The external environment mainly includes unsafe personnel, lightning, flood, electromagnetic interference, and earthquakes. Risk Identification and Control Measure 2 for typical data center data centers are shown in.


Based on the particularity of the data center and the need for risk control, the project content of the typical data center project mainly includes the following aspects.

(1) Decoration Project

① Environmental Engineering of the IDC room;

② Environmental Engineering in the office area;

③ Environmental Engineering in the monitoring area;

④ Environmental Engineering of Power zone.

(2) Electrical Engineering

① Diesel generator system;

② Uninterrupted power distribution system;

③ Power distribution system;

④ Lighting distribution system;

⑤ Power Supply lightning protection system;

⑥ IDC grounding system.

(3) Air Conditioning Engineering

① Dedicated air conditioning system;

② Auxiliary air conditioning system;

③ New exhaust system project.

(4) Fire Engineering

① Automatic alarm system;

② Partition gas fire extinguishing system;

③ Partition sprinkler system.

(5) Weak Current Engineering

① Building equipment automatic control system;

② Security control and management system;

③ Automated communication network management system;

④ Structured cabling system;

⑤ Public Information System;

⑥ Monitoring center control system.

The professional distribution of typical data centers is shown in figure 3.


The purpose of the data center Data Center Project determines the complexity of its design and construction. The following problems should be solved during engineering design and construction: availability, manageability, safety and reliability, energy saving and environmental protection.

In order to better solve the above problems, all parties involved in the engineering design and construction of the data center Data room should integrate the technical requirements of various specialties and conduct effective integration, coordination and integration, this allows various professionals to play an appropriate role in the data center and form an effective whole, providing an efficient and stable operating environment for the electronic information equipment.

There are many problems involved in the engineering design and construction of data centers. This article discusses several issues that span multiple specialties, and puts forward corresponding solutions based on the author's years of engineering experience: air flow organization of hot and cold channels, comprehensive pipeline balance, and centralized monitoring platform.

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