Data center management personnel are expected to change in 2018. Data Center in 2018

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Data center management personnel are expected to change in 2018. Data Center in 2018

The year 2018 is approaching. People in the data center industry predicted the development trend of data centers in the next year and discussed a wide range of topics covering organization to technology. The following are some insightful predictions provided by data center operators and professionals working on the data center.

(1) Data Center Talent Shortage

One of the biggest challenges facing data center managers in 2018 was the difficulty of recruiting appropriate staff to do this. Rhonda Ascierto, Research director of data center technology and eco-efficient IT channels at Research institute 451, warned that the data center's talent management and shortage issues will pose greater risks in the coming year.

She believes that the shortage of talent will put more pressure on the operation of data center facilities. She warned: "the knowledge structure and age of many data center facilities staff have been aging. Frankly speaking, some employees have been working for decades. "

(2) IT business will flow to the cloud

Experts predict that public cloud services will continue to grow in 2018.

"All new innovations are running on the cloud or software as a service, so there are very few new technologies and innovations in the data center," said Richard megaars, a data center analyst at the research organization's IDC company. "

Tad Davies, board member of DCI and head of Bick consulting services, warned that the transformation of businesses to public cloud infrastructure poses some challenges because many enterprises may not know how to manage them. "I found many inappropriate applications in cloud computing," he said. "Enterprises believe that the cost of using cloud services is fixed, but they do not consider the actual usage. The result is that the expenditure cost exceeds their expectation.

(3) data centers will become more intelligent

As enterprises continue to operate their own data centers, they will be driven by critical applications that must be locally deployed and traditional applications that are not suitable for cloud environments.

Although enterprises may optimize their data center businesses in 2018, cloud computing will not completely replace them. On the contrary, enterprises will try to operate local data centers more effectively as part of a broader cloud computing solution. Mongoars, an analyst at IDC, predicts that enterprises will take this opportunity to modernize these data center facilities that may be scaled down.

He said: "People have seen the reality that enterprises are facing. Even if they adopt cloud computing, they have to spend money to upgrade and transform their existing data centers. "

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