Data structure and algorithm analysis _java Language Description (2nd edition) pdf

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This book is a classic textbook on data structures and algorithmic analysis in foreign countries, using the excellent Java programming language as the implementation tool to discuss data structures (methods for organizing large amounts of data) and algorithmic analysis (estimation of algorithm run time).
With the increasing speed of computers and the increasingly powerful functions, the requirements for effective programming and algorithmic analysis are increasing. This book combines algorithmic analysis with the development of the most efficient Java programs, in-depth analysis of each algorithm, and careful explanation of the method of construction procedures, comprehensive and rigorous.
The main updates for version 3rd are as follows:
? The 4th chapter contains the implementation of the AVL tree deletion algorithm.
? The 5th chapter has been comprehensively revised and expanded, and now contains two newer algorithms,-cuckoo hash and hopscotch hash.
? The 7th chapter contains the related content of the radix sort, and gives the proof of the lower bound.
? The 12th chapter adds the related Materials of suffix tree and suffix array, including the linear time suffix array construction algorithm of Karkkainen and Sanders.
? Update the code in the book, using the diamond operators in Java 7.
Mark Allen Weiss is a professor, associate dean, undergraduate education director and graduate education director at the Florida International University School of Computing and Information science. He received his PhD in computer Science from Princeton University in 1987, and Sedgewick from Bob. He has served as chairman of the Placement (advanced) Examinations Computer Discipline Committee (2000-2004). His main research interests are data structures, algorithms, and pedagogy.
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Data structure and algorithm analysis _java Language Description (2nd edition) pdf

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