DELL 32-bit diagnostic tool pediags using

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The DELL PowerEdge Diagnostics is a simple, practical, OS-based hardware diagnostic tool! Through it, you can clearly understand the hardware health of Dell systems, and more effectively determine and locate hardware problems.
The tool is a secure, free software that you can download from the Dell Company's website.
1. Download installation
Download Needless to say, currently mainly using the dell-pediags-linux- version, the direct decompression, and then execute the installation script: Bash

./pediags--show All Lists the devices that are available for detection
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Input:./pediags device Name-the-run command detects the appropriate device.
For example:
The commands for memory detection are:./pediags Memories--run Quicktest=true
Detection of Riad-based hard drives:./pediags Raidctrl--run quicktest=true
Note: It is recommended that you use fast detection when you are detecting hard disks or memory. If you want full detection, remove the quicktest=true option
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For detection under the character interface, you can get a higher level of help by typing the command directly: ' Pediags '. To terminate the detection prematurely, use the combo key ' CTRL + C '
If the test results are: fail, log the error message for result event below and give feedback to the Dell Technical support engineer in a timely manner.

For more details, please click on the link below: Http://

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DELL 32-bit diagnostic tool pediags using

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