Deployment-Service deployment and automation in a mongodb~linux environment

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<MONGODB deployment on Linux >

In fact, Redis installation program is very good, directly help us to build the service, directly can use SYSTEMCTL to start it, and MongoDB in this respect is not so smart, we need to write their own service script, and then add it to boot from the inside on it, The main process is divided into the following steps:

MongoDB I installed in the/root/tools directory

A profile, ANSI, Notepad written, UTF8 may have a problem

dbpath=/root/tools/mongodb-linux-x86_64-amazon-3.4. 2/dblogpath=/root/tools/mongodb-linux-x86_64-amazon-3.4. 2/log/mongo.loglogappend=true  port=27017  Fork =true  nohttpinterface=true  auth=false

Two service files, files located at:/usr/lib/systemd/system

[Unit] Description=MongoDB [Service] Type=forking Execstart=/root/tools/mongodb-linux-x86_64-amazon-3.4.2/bin/mongod--config/root/tools/mongodb-linux-x86_64-amazon-3.4.2/bin/mongodb.conf execreload=/bin/kill-s HUP $MAINPID execstop=/root/tools/mongodb-linux-x86_64-amazon-3.4.2/bin/mongod--shutdown--config/root/tools/mongodb-linux-x86_64-amazon-3.4.2/bin/mongodb.conf privatetmp=true[Install]

Three service commands

    #文件权限        754  mongodb.service      #启动服务      systemctl start Mongodb.service        # Close service        systemctl stop mongodb.service        #开机启动        systemctl enable Mongodb.service   

After you have a few steps, our MongoDB service is ready!

Thank you for reading!

Deployment-Service deployment and automation in a mongodb~linux environment

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