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Web page Production WEBJX article introduction: The application of font graphics in design.

PART1: Why font Graphic design

Modern design directly from the computer out of the tedious standard font has been unable to meet the increasing aesthetic needs of internet users, so the designer to break the rules, according to different needs, the font for a unique personalized design. At the same time, the graphic design of the font is conducive to the creation of a page F atmosphere and better delivery of product features and functions, especially in the promotion of page design when we have a title copy (often summed up the entire activities of the topic of business needs) for special design, and other content copy form contrast, arouse the user's perceptual interest, So as to enable users to effectively understand the focus of the page information.

PART2: methods and techniques of graphic design for fonts

Before starting, first understand the most basic design of font design processing methods such as bold, large, italic, change color or word spacing, and all the advanced skills are based on this extension and expansion or breakthrough.

such as the network popular where the object of the comprehensive use of font design such as amplification, change font color, and other basic methods, text and text formed a strong contrast, highlighting the focus, the establishment of a good visual level and focus.

Changed the word spacing, so that the relationship between the text and text more closely, and the use of shadow and so make the level richer.

(1) Font deformation

In the computer to adjust the basic shape to do basic deformation processing, vi font design often used in the skills.

Programme 2 is more tactful than the line in option 1, and looks more lively (but not to say that programme 2 is better than programme 1, and that it needs to be done in the right way, depending on the circumstances).

At the same time to do font deformation design needs to understand the analysis of its stroke structure trend and its comprehensive embodiment of the "temperament" and "feeling".

Because the entire screen to create a kind of upward momentum, so in the design of processing lines become more tilted sharp, strengthen its sense of speed and strength. At the same time, if the design of the page on female products, you may use more curved, slender lines to reflect the characteristics of feminine soft.

Tips: Learn from good English fonts.

Recommend two excellent English font websites:

(2) Glyph combination

Glyph combination design is in fact the image of abstract text, that is, abstract text and a graphic combination of images, so that the audience can more quickly understand the message content, and can leave a deep impression! The most important thing when designing is to find the characteristic attribute and the correlation between the two.

(3) 3D font design

Plane three-dimensional, to create a sense of level and sense of space, analog physics to make it closer to the real, but also more visual impact, in the 3D character design, whether it is ps/ai or with the aid of 3D software design is the most important to master the changes in its light and shadow and the perspective of the body

Complex shape can be 3D software grasp perspective (familiar with the AI can use the "effect > three-dimensional > extrusion & Bevel" and other commands to achieve), while the latter can be used for processing, such as the enhancement of high light shading and the overall atmosphere of the rendering.

PART3: The points that should be paid attention to in the design process of the graphic design of fonts

(1) Web design is mainly the transmission of information design, the purpose of any design is to enable users to quickly and effectively to their information, while not for the grandiose design skills and trifles, first of all, the most important is to ensure its recognition;

(2) The font is not isolated, is one of the page content, in the design of the time to consider with the surrounding other page elements of the coordination, strengthen the overall atmosphere of the page to create.

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