Desktop icons have blue bottom desktop icons with background, how to do

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A large number of netizens have recently been plagued by the problem of "desktop icons with blue bottoms", for many reasons. If you encounter this situation, please immediately use the Golden Hill Guardian Trojan killing.

The desktop icon has a blue bottom.

Desktop icons have a blue bottom can not go off in fact there are many, such as the figure shown in this desktop icon has a blue bottom is actually because of the advertising Trojan in order to achieve double click desktop icon will pop-up ads, will be taken to tamper with the following note

Book key value [hkey_current_usersoftwaremicrosoftwindowscurrentversion


, so will cause the computer desktop icon has blue bottom, commonly used anti-virus software can not carry out normal cleanup work, the general accompanying phenomenon will not have too much impact on the use of the operation, mainly affect the desktop beautiful.

1, advertising for profit, window ads, long-term latent, unable to check out the user's problem

2, stealing such as Swordsman Love 3, World of Warcraft, such as online games account, the net silver that is unwilling to let go, for profiteering

Sometimes users use some landscaping tools can also cause registry changes; For this type of problem, we can even choose to manually repair the desktop icon with a blue bottom.

To sum up, the desktop icon has a lot of reasons for the blue bottom, directly solve the desktop icon color can be manual, but for some viruses in order to increase user operation difficulty, the virus author will use process protection and other ways to prevent users to delete the operation, need to do before the manual program to clean the virus, This step not only puzzled the vast number of small white users, and even many experts are discouraged.

Desktop icons with blue bottom how to remove

Method 1:

No matter how complex the desktop icon has a blue bottom to go, Jinshan Guardian can be compatible with a variety of integrated solutions; it can not only help to defend the computer icon problem, or clear the computer icon virus caused by the sequelae.

1, into the main interface into the "Killing Trojan"

2, then click on "Quick Scan" can be Method 2: First open Registry Editor, find the corresponding registry in hkey_userss- 1-5-21-1121289129-3884528725-3932546534-1006softwaremicrosoftwindows currentversionexploreradvanced directory: and then to " Showcompcolor "Key values are modified to:" 00000000 ", and then find the" Listviewshadow "key will be modified to:" 00000001 ", and finally restart the computer. Method 3: "My Computer"-Properties-advanced-"Performance inside Settings"-in the visual effects of the custom in the "icon tag on the desktop" by default tick.

Method 2:

You can also use My Computer icon right mouse button-> Properties-> Advanced tab-> "performance" Settings-> "Settings"-> "visual effects" label-> "shadow on the Desktop for icon label" Remove the check.

Method 3:

Blank location: "Right"-Arrange Icons-"Lock Web Items on desktop" Remove the tick, if not, then ignore it. This is not the reason why the desktop icon has a blue bottom

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