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Due to the relationship between work, some work needs to deal with PDA development, which gradually brought me into the field of mobile development. Compared with desktop applications, pad application development is a relatively cutting-edge job. It is more avant-garde because it does not have a wide range of PC applications, and the implementation technology is more difficult than PC applications. The Development Group is less than PC development. In order to be able to conduct extensive development and communication with everyone, I would like to make an introduction and hope that everyone can participate enthusiastically.
As an opening article, I hope that you can learn about PDA development from a simple perspective.

Windows Mobile is an important online part of Microsoft's operating system products. Compared with Windows 9x/NT/XP/2003, Windows Mobile appeared very short in front of the public as a complete product line, but its development was extremely rapid, in this development process, developers provide an absolutely critical impetus. Now, more and more developers (especially. NET developers) want to enter the development field of Windows Mobile as soon as possible.
Because the Windows Mobile platform is built on Microsoft's Windows CE operating system (the current official commercial version is Windows CE. net 5.0), while the Windows CE operating system has very good modular features, so developers, especially mobile phone equipment manufacturers, you can use the platform builder and Embedded Visual C ++ (hereinafter referred to as EVC) provided by Microsoft to conveniently customize your desired operating system.
Most developers do not need to build a completely new and personalized system. They only need to focus on how to build applications that can run on Windows Mobile devices. To this end, Microsoft customized Windows CE based on the characteristics of its main smart devices and the differences in user experience. net 4. the two main branches of the X series Operating System are installed on different Windows Mobile hardware devices, thus forming what we call Pocket PC and smartphone. In the following content, Windows Mobile development, except specifically, indicates Pocket PC/Smartphone development.

Development Tools
Common development tools include embedded Visual C ++ (EVC), Embedded Visual Basic, and Compact framework1.0 (. net cf) is integrated in Visual Studio. net2003 ). It is very suitable for developing applications on pocket pc2002, and it also integrates the simulator of pocket pc2002 to perform debugging in an extraordinary way. Of course, after vs2005 comes out, it supports cf2.0 and comes with the pocket pc2003 simulator. It also provides more and more components.
However, some core functions of are not encapsulated in, so sometimes it is necessary to call the underlying platform, which is not supported in vs2002 cf, however, vs2005 has provided powerful platform calling functions.
If you need to develop databases, you may need to use Microsoft SQL 2000 Windows CE edition (also known as SQL Server CE). The current version is 2.0, which is placed on mobile devices, as a file access, it also provides some auxiliary programs, such as the SQL Server ce query analyzer, and the database can be well synchronized with SQL Server.
Of course, if you think the above mentioned is not enough, for example, if you want to have more components, you can find them on the Internet. Now there are many open-source, the CF-based library can be used free of charge. Here I recommend websites that are considered to be better by individuals. The open-source development framework is also available.Smart device framework1.4,The URL isHttp://

Common applications and Solutions
It should be said that the application scope of mobile devices has become wider and wider as their processing capabilities have increased. From personal assistants to enterprise applications, you can almost see their shadows.
For personal development, it is mainly focused on calendar management, mail and other simple information management. For enterprises, it may rely on it for a small amount of data processing and mobile office, or real-time data collection.
Because of its processing and storage capabilities, we often use other existing technologies to expand the functions of PDA. If we may need to use the mobile nature of PDA to complete real-time data collection, but the collected data needs to be timely compared and analyzed with a large amount of data in the background for feedback, therefore, we need to expand the storage capability. The common method is to communicate with the backend database through a WebService, so that all data of the PDA can be interacted through WebService, PDA does not store data (in fact, it does not have the ability to store ). Furthermore, we may need to cache part of the data to the PDA and regularly synchronize the data with the database server. This requires SQL Server ce, it can communicate with the server proxy through the sqlserver ce client.


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