DevExpress Getting started: From the initial use of the control to the cube control Pivotgridcontrol

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The example is based on WinForm development, I am using VS2005, because the work is used this, the version is low, but the use of many controls will not be due to the version of the size of the difference.

In fact, originally wanted to start from the download installation to share the use of this set of controls, but it seems too vulgar, I am a willing to break the stereotype of the boy (after all, some women are 30-Year-old also claiming to be a girl, I started Ben three why not be a boy), I decided to share my experience with devexpress in recent days from the more tricky Pivotgridcontrol controls. To be honest, before I start, I want to talk nonsense, I originally wanted to write an article to introduce Gridcontrol before Pivotgridcontrol, Then want to Gridcontrol function and the. NET with the GridView almost, the use of skills and pivotgridcontrol not much different, so do not intend to write another about the use of Gridcontrol, The follow-up may have some Gridcontrol more powerful features to share, but its basic use techniques are not otherwise introduced.

Well, step into the real business, then, of course, before using the DevExpress control the appropriate installation, but after the installation is not in the VS Toolbox can find this set of controls, because it is too much, and we need may be just a few commonly used controls, So we just add the controls we need to the toolbox. Well, there are some baby shoes that won't be added, so I'm going to go on to add the Pivotgridcontrol control of the installed DevExpress plug-in to the VS Toolbox.
1. Right-click on the VS Toolbox blank area, select Add tab, add a tab of our own to store our commonly used devexpress controls;

2. Right-click on the blank area where you just added the tab, and clicking Select Item;

3. Click "Browse" in the pop-up selection toolbox item, navigate to the "DevExpress.dll" folder under the DevExpress installation directory, find "Devexpress.xtrapivotgrid.v10.1.dll", double-click;

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