Disk Defragmenter has detected that CHKDSK is scheduled to be in a volume error

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I checked the F disk when the Windows system was powered on, and I was prompted when defragmenting: Disk Defragmenter detected that CHKDSK was scheduled to run on the volume: (F:). Please run chkdsk/f, I believe a lot of friends in the process of using the computer will encounter such problems, the taskbar to the lower right corner of a small hint, said that your file has been corrupted, please run Chkdsk repair. In fact, this tool is very powerful. Then you are prompted to Disk Defragmenter to detect that CHKDSK is scheduled to run on the volume: (F:). Please run chkdsk/f, what exactly should you do?

First step, Disk Cleanup:

My Computer->d disk-> Right-click Properties-> regular-> Disk Cleanup-> Open the Disk Cleanup dialog box-> The files listed are all ticked-> OK-> is-> system automatically cleans the selected files;

Step two, disk check

My Computer-> D disk-> Right key properties-> tool options-> start checking-> Two disk check options tick-> start-> check to confirm exit;

Step three, defragment the disk

My Computer-> D disk-> Right key properties-> tool options-> start sorting-> system is beginning to automatically organize, there are roughly 5 stages, the system will notify you after completion, do not see to solve the problem here;

Note: During the analysis of the disk, do not read or write to D (the disk) to avoid any other problems. If the above steps still do not defragment the disk, it is recommended that you use the optimization master or go into safe mode never above the steps, the situation more serious format D disk or even the hard drive broke down. If the D disk is automatically detected every time that you turn on, and disk defragmentation is done, the Disk Defragmenter detects that CHKDSK is scheduled to run on Volume D:. The problem is not big, but it is annoying and afraid of the consequences.

Start--run--chkdsk/f E: (note: There are spaces in the middle)

Then appear:

The file's system type is NTFS. CHKDSK cannot run because the volume is being used by another procedure. If you remove the volume first, CHKDSK may run. All open handles to the volume will be invalid. Do you want to force the volume to be removed? Y/n_ input y, enter, and then run the defragmentation of the disk, everything is OK.

If your computer prompts you for Disk Defragmenter to detect that CHKDSK is scheduled to run on the volume: (F:). Please run chkdsk/f can solve this problem with the above method.

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