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Among all research institutions and organizations that have passed or are working to pass the ISO9001 standard, there are usually a large number of engineering and technical documents, and manual management and retrieval of these documents is very heavy, this greatly affects work efficiency. At the same time, because some files usually have multiple versions, how to ensure the consistency of file versions in the hands of staff is a common problem in document management.

To solve these problems, we must use computer software. Such software should have the following features:

  • It is applicable to the entire life cycle of engineering and technical documents, from document creation to review, approval, and under control. It goes through the management, modification, and re-modification processes.
  • The Network must be supported and can be used together by large teams.
  • Provides automated office functions, such as email and support for documents.

Software Overview

The traditional way of managing and saving documents is to manually generate and keep files (including generating, reading, approving, and entering a controlled state). Files are usually stored in file cabinets.

Due to the large number of files and complicated versions, problems often occur in actual use, such as inconsistent file versions, difficult file search, and heavy workload in file management and processing history reports. The purpose of this application solution is to manage a large number of engineering and technical documents by all organizations to ensure the consistency of document versions in the hands of staff and the traceability of document changes, at the same time, the daily office and management automation of scientific research institutions can be improved through functions such as electronic announcements, electronic notifications, e-mails, and document sending and receiving.

This software is a LAN software system based on the C/S structure. It runs on Microsoft Windows and uses Microsoft's Exchange Server 2000 Active Directory directory service, efficient integration with the Windows operating system improves the stability and ease of use of the system, as shown in the following aspects:

  • The mail server of this software uses Exchange Server 2000;
  • The mail client of this software uses the Exchange Server Client outlook;
  • The user management of the software uses the user management part of the Active Directory Service of the Exchange server, so that the software user can be combined with the active directory user;
  • The announcement and notification prompts of this software are based on the Exchange Server Client Software outlook as the information channel, realizing the real-time and fast announcement and notification prompts.

Software functions (modules)

  • Document generation module
    Including document establishment, approval process, approval, and under control. This module stores information about the entire document establishment process, such as process and approval comments.
  • Document Management Module
    Including classification saving, query, report, modification, and save modification process information. Document management is a controlled process of files.
  • Electronic notification
    With the help of the email function, e-notification can send specific information to specified personnel and track the information flow and feedback. The sender can see whether the notification recipient has read the notification.
  • Bulletin Board
    Send specific information to all personnel, but do not request feedback.
  • Email
    Email is a channel for information transmission, and is conducive to better office automation.
  • File Server Module
    A file server is a software module with clients and servers. It provides distributed network file systems and automatic Incremental backup. The server software of the file server runs on the file server computer, and the client module of the file server is embedded in the client software of the file management system.
  • Database Server
    The Database Server saves the processing system information.
  • Process customization Module
    It is used to customize and manage the file generation process. Add the following modules: Technical Status management module and Network Conference
  • User Manager
    Hierarchical user management, user information management, and user-defined permissions.
  • Context Manager
    Manage the context information applied by the system, such as the current user information, user status, and application status. The context manager is a channel for information flow between modules.
  • Pass Manager
    Check whether operations can be performed based on the current user information and permission definitions to prevent illegal user intrusion into the system.
Success stories

Aerospace Engineering has extremely high regulatory requirements for scientific research and management, and strict control over changes to engineering and technical documents, manual operations consume a lot of manpower and material resources, and it is difficult to ensure the consistency of engineering and technical documents in the hands of technicians, which affects the improvement of work efficiency.

Business implementation process
The Project Management Automation Information System is a typical application of the document management system. As a space science research institution, the space center generates many engineering documents and documents every year. In the past, the entire R & D system was not connected to all the research rooms, and various documents were managed by dedicated persons, A large amount of manpower is required, and paper-printed files must be stored in file cabinets, which is a waste of space. By using automated Engineering Management Information System, the scientific research environment has been greatly improved.

System Network Diagram

System Function Diagram

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