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According to sources, the version of Windows Vista is very similar to that of Windows XP.

Windows XP has two categories: "Family edition" and "Professional Edition". The family edition includes Starter, Home, and Media Center ); the Professional edition includes: Professional Edition, Professional x64 Edition, and Tablet PC Edition. According to sources, Windows Vista will be divided into two categories: "Family Edition" and "Enterprise Edition". The family Edition includes: Windows Vista entry Edition (Starter Edition) home Basic Edition, Home Premium Edition, and Ultimate Edition; Enterprise Edition includes: windows Vista Small Business Edition, Windows Vista Professional Edition, and Windows Vista Enterprise Edition ).

To sum up, Microsoft will launch seven versions of Windows Vista. The differences between these seven versions are:

-Windows Vista Starter Edition: it is a 32-bit operating system designed for beginners in emerging markets. It only supports running three applications at the same time, logon passwords or quick User Switching (FUS) are not supported ). In general, Windows Vista Starter Edition is similar to Windows XP Starter Edition.

-Windows Vista Home Basic Edition: it is a simple version of Windows Vista, mainly for single-PC Home users. Windows Vista Home Basic Edition is the basis of other Windows Vista versions, supports Windows Firewall, Windows Security Center, secure wireless network, anti-spam/virus/spyware, Network Map, Windows Search, Aero user interface, movie production, Image Library, Windows Media Player, outlook Express with RSS support and P2P information tools. In general, Windows Vista Home Basic Edition is similar to Windows XP Home Edition.

-Windows Vista Home Premium Edition: Based on Windows Vista Home Basic Edition, it includes all the Home entertainment and personal production functions, it is mainly intended for PC enthusiasts, multiple PC users, and notebook users. In addition to basic functions, Windows Vista Home Premium Edition also provides features such as media center and media center extensions, DVD video editing, HDTV playback, Tablet PC, and Wi-Fi audio configuration and roaming. In general, Windows Vista Home Premium Edition is similar to Windows XP Media Center Edition.

-Windows Vista Professional Edition: it is designed for enterprises of all sizes and is compatible with non-Microsoft network protocols such as Netware and SNMP, supports remote desktop, IIS Web server, and encrypted file system. In general, Windows Vista Professional Edition is similar to Windows XP Pro Edition.

-Windows Vista Small Business Edition: it is an extension of Windows Vista Professional standard Edition. It is mainly for Small businesses and contains special features such as backup, PC fax, and scanning. Windows Vista Small Business Edition can be upgraded to Windows Vista Enterprise Edition or Windows Vista Ultimate Edition. Microsoft has not launched a Windows XP Enterprise Edition for small businesses.

-Windows Vista Enterprise Edition: IT is an extension of Windows Vista Professional Standard Edition, mainly for Enterprise decision makers, IT managers and employees, includes Advanced functions such as virtual PC, multi-language user interface, and full encryption technology. Microsoft has not released a similar version of Windows XP.

-Windows Vista Ultimate Edition: it is the best PC operating system launched by Microsoft so far and has all the functions of Windows Vista Home Premium and Windows Vista Pro Edition. In addition, it includes special game functions, podcast functions, network clubs, and other functions. Microsoft plans to provide extended A1 services, free music downloads, free movie downloads, online entertainment software and preferential support to Windows Vista Ultimate Edition users. Currently, the positioning of Windows Vista Ultimate Edition is unclear. Microsoft has not released a similar version of Windows XP.

According to a Microsoft internal file, Windows Vista versions are divided mainly to promote the mainstream of media centers and Tablet PC enhancements. In addition, Windows Vista will be a transitional product of the x64 platform. Almost all versions are divided into x86 (32-bit) and x64 (64-bit) versions.

Download and crack windows vista 5342
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About the cracking of Vista 5342 and its QA
Because Microsoft is not activated for vista 5342, it will take a few months after the installation. Then, after the installation is successful, change it back. You can use it for 14. Do not use vista .. Otherwise, the activation time will be reduced. The installation serial number of 5342 is a pvyfq-2jtbv-9kxq2-fqhdy-mtbvh

In previous posts, someone asked if no dvd was burned .. In this case, you need to use a virtual optical drive to load the image. For the sake of security, I first use daemon tools to load the image, then copy it to the hard disk, and then install it on the ntfs partition.

If you have enough time, try it ...... In addition, do not use winrar to decompress the iso file! Otherwise, the installation may fail !!! Of course, you can also directly dial the disk and start it from the disc!

Some software installation conditions in 5342

The first step is to install Ziguang pinyin, which can be used in both 3.0 and 4.0, but cannot be used in pinyin plus. the player uses kmp and storm audio and video. I installed the three birds hdtv version with many decoder. internet access, ie7 memory usage, a little slow, I will use maxthon, but right-click there will be an error, but it can still be used. the downloaded software does not seem to work well. There are many problems. bitcome is 0.63, which can be used normally. listen to music. I use foobar and. The two software are used normally. If you call it in xp, OK. qq uses the 2006 coral version, but it will crash. The solution is to reinstall qq in vista with the bate1 version. But it seems unstable. neither network TV pplive nor ppstream can be used. tvkoo can, and sometimes it will crash. send an email. dm seems to be unavailable, and foxmial is normal. kingsoft Mac 2006 can be used, and an error will be prompted during installation. You can ignore it all the time. the game is normal in November 3, with a higher speed than xp. the attacker cannot go in, and it will pop up. cs1.6 will get stuck in the dtool 3.47 of the virtual optical drive, and the alcohol has not been tried yet. It does not seem to work either. many versions of the decompressed winbar can be used.

Some people think that the default icon of vista is too large .. Right-click and choose view.

Delete vista. Generally, vista is installed on a dual system. If the system disk of vista has no important files. Right-click and format. That's all. However, the vista bootmanager is also selected when it is started after formatting.

1. Run cmd to enter the command prompt ......

2. Enter cd c: boot at the command prompt to enter the boot folder!

3. The last step is to check the file format of drive C. For ntfs format, enter fixntfs-xp. For fat32 format, enter fixfat-xp! Then restart tmanager. At this time, tmanager will disappear!

Finally, you can delete the boot folder and bootmgr files under drive C.

In this way, there will be no more .. Haha

The following are some of the posts .. I hope it will be useful to you.

Q: How to activate vista?
A: Currently, there is no actual method to activate vista. You can only remove the 14-day limit! The specific method is as follows:
1. Run services. msc and open the Service Manager.
2. Disable the software licensing service and restart! Done!
This method is feasible until 5308, and will be updated after subsequent tests!
Q: How can I enable vista to support Chinese software ??
A: You need to modify the region and voice options as follows:
1. open the control panel, click "change the system language", open the "regional and language options" dialog box, and select the "administrative" tab, select chinese from the select a language for non-unicode programs drop-down menu )".
2. Open the "formats" tab in the "regional and language options" dialog box, and select "chinese (prc)" from the "current formats" drop-down menu )".
3. Restart the instance!
: What hardware configuration does vista need?
A: There are many sayings on the Internet about the configuration required for vista. From the test results on this site, the configuration for the complete installation of vista is as follows:
Cpu: 1 GHz or above
Memory: 256 mb
Video Card: 64 MB or above (Note: Only the directx9 video card is supported by the hardware. After installation, the dmw can be automatically opened, that is, the window transparency effect)
Hard Disk: a partition with a remaining space greater than 8 GB + 2 GB of temporary file space
The recommended configuration is as follows:
Cpu: Above GHz clock speed
Memory: More than MB
Video Card: MB or above, with dx9 hardware supported
Hard Disk: 15 GB space remaining
Note: machines with the above recommended configurations can run vista smoothly! It should be pointed out that vista is not stable at present, and sometimes even if the computer with high configuration is not smooth! This is not a problem with insufficient hardware configuration! We recommend that you do not blindly upgrade the hardware for this purpose!
Tip: vista is currently in the testing stage. It is not suitable for its performance and stability! Therefore, do not install vista with your mind !! Vista is only available for trial !!!
Q: Do vista have to be installed in the ntfs partition?
A: Yes! Vista must be installed in the ntfs partition, but other partitions can be in the fat32 format!
Q: Can vista be installed in one partition with other operating systems such as windows xp?
A: If you have installed vista in a partition with windows installed, the original windows will be saved in a windows. old directory, and the dual-system boot will fail!
Q: The installation prompts "an error occurred while editing boot. ini file!
A: Just remove the read-only attribute of c: boot. ini!
Q: The message "setup was unable to locate a locally attached hard drive suitable for holding temporary setup files." appears during installation!
A: In the current vista version, it is generally required that the target installation partition have more than 8 GB space! At the same time, you also need to have about 2 GB of space in other partitions, as a temporary folder for the installation file! The cause of this error is that the temporary file directory cannot be created!

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