Dr. Wu----about my confusion about Dr. Computer.

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Computer science and technology in accordance with the Division of National Specialization, as a first-class discipline exists, but the subject category belongs to engineering, discipline Code 08 is representative of Engineering. But I am puzzled about whether the PhD in computer science is engineering.   Computer Science and technology the first class is divided into three level two disciplines: computer system structure, software and theory of computers, application technology. Most of the Chinese schools-more accurately should be in addition to Tsinghua, national defense hkust, CAS and other universities and research institutes, there is no systematic structure of the research topics and results, but still able to apply for the two-level subject of the doctoral point, in fact, is to set up a professional, more recruit a bit more people. As for the theory of software, a lot of high-mathematics universities, this two-level discipline is mostly engaged in and computational mathematics is the same content, is completely a mathematics major. And what about computer applications? If the application, although it would have been quite in line with the name of the profession, but a lot of people can not see, feel too low-level, no theory, no academic. So much so that the computer application is still engaged in mathematics, up to do a simulation. Therefore, many schools directly apply for a first-class discipline, awarded a degree by a primary discipline, there is no problem. But for the master, the three two-level disciplines are still no difference, that is, you can apply for a number of professional expansion of the recruitment of some people, earn a little more money!   Some of my computer around the doctor, although the speech is very crazy, said that he published countless papers, applied to what the Natural Science Fund and the like, but the computer's understanding these people are very superficial, perhaps the doctor is engaged in theory, then ask these people's undergraduate, master's degree what to learn? Is it the beginning of learning mathematics, the theory of doing? A computer doctor told me that he had read a lot of math books in his PhD stage, and he was so complacent that he seemed to have a high level of his own, so what did he know about computers? He said the doctor stage he mainly engaged in network, then he network operation nothing, I asked him what is script, also do not understand. Is it true that the doctor of computer is doing mathematics, pure theory? So anything that involves practice is not? So what did he do at the undergraduate stage? Is it just a reading test?   So I've been confused: is the computer science or engineering? Seems to be a branch of the mathematics profession. Perhaps another person will say, any professional to the top floor are playing math, then ask: open so many professional also useful? It's not as good as a doctor to open a math major. I personally think that everything has a primary and secondary points, for engineering, mathematics is a tool, the most important is not the mathematical knowledge itself, but to be able to use mathematical tools, mathematical models to solve practical problems. Computer professional doctors, a lot of C language is smattering, the Assembly will not be, these are the backbone of computer science courses, do not know whether the computer is a doctor of the cross-professional or how AH? Not to mention what these "PhDs" know about the kernel, the micro-code.

Dr. Wu----about my confusion about computer doctor

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