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More and more people now have broadband installed in their homes, hard disk space is not enough, like to play games and download software friends deep experience, such as the Chinese Paladin 3,diablo II, Allied Suicide Squad 3 such a game at all 1-2gb, online download high-definition movies also in GB as a unit, extremely occupied hard disk space, If it is an image and 3D worker, bulk storage is more necessary. We simply calculate, burning 80G hard disk data requires 700M capacity CD 120, but if the use of DVD disc burning as long as 17, all the trouble is solved!
In addition, DVD burning can also be used in the production of hard disk ghost mirror, backup server data, and so on mass storage, and now the price of DVD burner is falling, there have been thousands of Taiwan electric DVD burner, the ordinary unlicensed DVD-R burning disk is more expensive than CD-R burning Disk, But a price of about 10 yuan is worth more than the large capacity of storage.
In terms of operation, the use of a DVD burner differs from that of a CD burner, and the purpose of this tutorial is to answer some questions from a friend who wants to use DVD burning.
One, installation article
Thanks to Beijing BenQ Electric Company to provide our burner, we are using BenQ Dw400a-ok2, this is a DVD+RW standard burner, nominal 4x4x12 (4-Speed DVD write, 4-speed DVD replication, 12-speed DVD read), CD standard is 16x10x40 (16-Speed CD Write , 10-speed CD replication, 40-speed CD Read).
Standard for product packaging and support:


Product Specifications and Accessories:


Attached with a hard drive cable, an audio line, 4 screws, a Nero Express software CD, a InterVideo WinDVD software CD. There is a product installation instructions, warranty cards and so on.

DVD Burning disc:


I'm afraid most of them will buy this kind of unlicensed DVD-burning disk, which is not reproducible. The price is usually about 6-10 yuan. Can you tell which side is positive? The gold is the front, the burning to the upward, blue side downward.

Look at the burner:


The appearance is no different from the normal optical drive.

Hardware installation:

First open the chassis, take apart the front panel (as different machine disassembly is not the same, do not demonstrate), put on a DVD burner, a good screw. It's going to be wired.

Take out the hard drive cable plug into the DVD burner IDE interface, pay attention to the direction, the reverse is not plugged in. Installation of the CD-ROM will encounter the main disk and from the disk problem, the average home machine is a hard drive line to connect the hard drive, one hard drive cable, the DVD burner has to pick up from the disk, from the recorder on the mark can be very clear that the jumper (that is, the small black hat, with the hand can be pulled out) should be inserted in the position indicated by the slave mark ( is the middle).


The audio line is the white line on the left and the right red. There are also gaps in the power cord, and be careful not to insert the reverse. Check that there is no problem can be powered on the power.

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