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I. Team system ticket management objectives

1) Standardize the entire business process through the application of the eam Management System;

2) record business data and information related to routine maintenance;

3) follow several possible models of defect handling, planned maintenance, preventive maintenance, and predictive maintenance to improve maintenance efficiency and reduce overall maintenance costs.

4) establish an effective ticket management system to understand the device status. Improve equipment reliability through preventive maintenance solutions, and achieve scientific management of equipment through real-time monitoring of equipment status.

5) the equipment maintenance management focuses on the approval and execution of tickets, through the most advanced computer and network technologies, work Flow, human resources, materials (inventory, procurement), technology (Standard Work Plan, Maintenance Guide) and Safety (security specifications corresponding to the corresponding work order) involved in the ticket) and cost (including the cost of human resources, spare parts, tool costs) and other information integration, to maximize the scientific management level of equipment.

6)  and accumulation are not the ultimate goal of using the system. The goal is to extract and mine the information required by the management layer from these daily records and accumulated data and information.

7) Optimize maintenance-related management and improve management.

Ii. Concept of EAM system tickets

1) single-layer structure

The ticket structure is a group of tickets arranged according to the parent-child relationship.

A single-layer structure is usually used to divide a project into several smaller tasks when a large maintenance project is to be completed. You can view the cost of a single ticket and the total cost of the project.

The parent ticket allows you to track costs, materials, and work hours for a group of associated tickets (called Child tickets. One or more sub-tickets are allowed for the most advanced tickets. Each subticket can have one or more sublevels, and so on. A sub-ticket can have only one parent level.

2) EAM system ticket meaning

The EAM system ticket is the core of maintenance management.

The EAM system ticket refers to the specific task to be completed and the manpower, materials, and tools required to execute the task.

3) maintenance work type

CM elimination management and troubleshooting (corrective maintenance)

Emergent Maintenance)

DM repair management, repair ticket (disarranged maintenance)

PM preventive repair ticket (Preventive Maintenance)

Project work order)

Rm Repairability Maintenance)

4) Workflow Management

The EAM system work order system has a built-in Workflow Management System, which sets up the business approval and execution processes according to the best business practices in the industry, and processes tickets from application, approval, execution, and related business processes, the responsibility is implemented to the position, which is linked to specific personnel. The optimized business process avoids repeated operations, rework, and overlap. The execution of optimized workflows unifies and standardizes enterprise management models and data. It creates a favorable foundation for enterprise consistency management. This consistency also creates convenient conditions for enterprises to improve their management level and provide management decision analysis.

Iii. Team system ticket management content

EAM system ticket management-Process Management

Maintenance Process Management

1) work plan

Access ticket records, create work plans, list operation steps of jobs, identify employees, associate inventory control, find inventory information, list materials and tools required for jobs, and use asset directories; view costs; evaluate our processes; Approve tickets; view material Reservation Information

2) tracking and recording results

Start work order, work order implementation

Reporting the actual process: manual, materials, tools, and Fault Reports

Return inventory item

Complete ticket

Generate subsequent work

Summary of service history

3) ticket Material Data Process Management

4) Fund data process management

Funding Source: Budget Management

Capital Overhead: Cost Management

4. EAM system ticket management function

1) organize, plan, and schedule maintenance work;

2) the EAM system provides technical knowledge and security information;

3) the EAM system can effectively manage spare parts and inventory;

4) the EAM system can analyze the failure rate and its causes;

5) the EAM system provides Asset Management Decision Support and analysis;

6) it is used to view the detailed plan information-Work Plan, progress, cost, manpower, materials, equipment, fault analysis and related documents through tickets to the maintenance administrator, planners and scheduling personnel;

7) the EAM system can handle various tickets, including error correction tickets, emergency repairs, accident reports, and preventive maintenance reports;

8) report planned and unplanned downtime and reduce unplanned downtime to save costs;

9) collect various maintenance tickets to facilitate unexpected shutdown incidents;

10) the actual work order report includes labor hours, materials, tools, and equipment defects. Compare the estimated and actual costs;

11) Dispatch tickets based on the degree of urgency of real-time changes;

12) determine the work on multiple assets based on the points and/or equipment and arrange the work order;

13) Establish WBS for relevant tickets or projects (work breakdown structure, that is, steps, human and material requirements );

14) view the current ticket and previous ticket, and compare the estimated cost and time used and the actual occurrence value;

15) the ticket can be directed to or mounted to the device at the specified location. The ticket data is recorded in the history of the EAM system device;

16) When you specify a job plan in the ticket, the content of the job plan will be copied to the work plan of the ticket. You can modify the work plan so that its work procedures, tools, materials, and manpower are more suitable for this ticket. The original work plan template will not change;

17) according to the work plan of the work order, materials can be reserved for an approved work order to automatically calculate the availability of inventory materials;

18) automatically generate a ticket from the preventive maintenance PM. Each ticket generated by PM specifies the standard job plan used by it;

19) implement subsequent work orders.

5. Team system ticket management process

The work order management process of the EAM system is generally divided into the defect management process; the emergency work order process after the event; the repair management process; the work ticket management process, the Operation Ticket Management Process; and the repair item management process; project management process (equipment update and transformation, science and technology transformation projects, etc.); outsourced work management.

1) EAM system ticket management overview

2) EAM system ticket Process status

Device change notice --- waiting for ticket handling (wappr) ticket planning --- planning completion (approlactin); material not satisfied --- waiting for material judgment (wmatl ); approval ticket --- approval ticket (appr); ticket execution --- in progress (inprg); ticket acceptance --- completed (COMP ); end of work order --- Close ).

3) typical team system ticket management process (Elimination management process)

This process manages the entire process of defect filling, confirmation, planning, execution, and acceptance and approval.

Associated processes include materials: Specialized engineers, equipment directors, and management personnel.


4) maintenance plan and ticket planning (Equipment Department)

Planned materials are reserved in the "warehouse" and reserved conditions are judged; Standard Operation Plan is generated; fault repair, fault analysis; work hours, spare parts, and materials of planned tickets are generated, integrate manpower and tools; automatically generate the expected costs of spare parts, materials, manpower, and tools; record the actual conditions of tickets; compare the expected values and actual values of tickets.

5) ticket execution (Maintenance Unit)

Start execution as planned → print documents (tickets and material receipt tickets) → maintain Result Records (tickets and Material Warehouse picking tickets) → timely acceptance → return

6) EAM system ticket handling

7) return to database

8) post-event urgent ticket (power supply)

① Post-event repair ticket 1

② Post-event repair ticket 2

9) project management process

Implement the preparation, decomposition, arrangement, progress control, and periodic control of annual maintenance plans, periodic maintenance of equipment, periodic testing, periodic inspection, and other regular maintenance plans for equipment A, B, and C, and the planned review and confirmation process, and realize various service cost accumulation, comprehensive statistics query and other functions.

10) EAM system contract management outsourcing

① Outsourcing service application

The outsourced service application is the outsourced project committee of the Equipment Department and the outsourced work order committee.

The Planning Department uses the outsourced service to apply for the creation of the outsourced service inquiry form (RFQ) or the outsourced service application for approval to create a purchase order (PO), but the contract is required for approval.

After your application for outsourcing services is approved, you can allocate your projects to one or more purchase orders.

After all the projects applied for external services are assigned to the purchase order, the purchase application can be closed. The project or service of several suppliers can be listed in a single procurement application, because the supplier is not required to be specified in the procurement application.

② Outsourced price list

After creating an inquiry and sending it to the supplier, the supplier receives responses including price, quantity, and other relevant information.

The next step of the inquiry form processing is to record the information received from the supplier, analyze the information, and then assign each inquiry line to the supplier you select.

After all quotations are received, you can compare them to select the quote that best suits your criteria and assign the quote line to the supplier.

Before creating a purchase order from an inquiry, the supplier's quotation must be recorded and the inquiry must have been granted. Only external procurement orders can be created for one supplier at a time.

③ Outsourcing procurement contract

One outsourcing contract only contracts with one outsourcing service provider and takes effect after review.

One outsourced contract may include one or more outsourced procurement orders (PO ).

An outsourced Po is an authorized order sent by the procurement agent or procurement department to an internal supplier or external supplier.

④ EAM system outsourcing service management is divided into Project outsourcing and work order Outsourcing

⑤ External procurement contract management process of EAM system

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