Elasticsearch First article: Installing Elasticsearch under Windows

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This is the first article in the Elasticsearch 2.4 release series:

    • Elasticsearch First article: Installing Elasticsearch under Windows
    • Elasticsearch Introduction Second article: Cluster configuration
    • Elasticsearch Introduction Third: Index
    • Elasticsearch Getting started fourth: Adding and updating documents using C #
    • Elasticsearch Getting Started fifth: Querying documents using C #
    • Elasticsearch Getting Started sixth: Composite data types--arrays, objects, and nesting
    • Elasticsearch Introduction Seventh: Analyzers
    • Elasticsearch Getting started eighth: storage
    • Elasticsearch Introduction Nineth: The idea of implementing regular expression query

ES is a lucene-based distributed full-text Search server, and SQL Server full-text index (fulltext index) is a bit similar, are based on word segmentation and segmentation of the full-text search engine, with participle, synonym, stemming the function of the query, But ES is inherently distributed and real-time, and this essay demonstrates installing Elasticsearch in a Windows environment and the head plugin for managing Elasticsearch.

Elasticsearch Official website: http://www.elasticsearch.org

Java environment

I installed the java1.8.x version, not the following steps to install, but one point, you need to set the JAVA_HOME environment variable and path configuration

Second, install Elasticsearch

After installing the Java JDK, configuring the JAVA_HOME environment variable, you can install the Elasticsearch full-text search engine, first you need to download a specific version of ES installation files.

1, download Elasticsearch 2.4.6 version

Download the ElasticSearch installation package from the official Download Center ElasticSearch Download, when the landlord, the latest version of ES is 6.x, this article uses the old version of 2.4.6, open past releases Select the past version of the installation, download the zip file format. The landlord chose to install the 2.4.6 version because the 6.x version does not support the head plugin.

2, open Elasticsearch Service

Unzip the zip file to the C drive, enter the C:\elasticsearch-2.4.4\bin directory, double-click Execute elasticsearch.bat, the script file executes the Elasticsearch installer, Wait a moment, open the browser, enter http://localhost:9200 , explicit the following screen, indicating the success of ES installation.

Third, install head plug-in

To facilitate the management of ES, this article uses head plug-in, this is the primary management tool, in the browser display ES cluster, index and other information, very useful.

1. Install the plugin on the command line

Press and hold Windows+r, enter cmd, open command line tool, go to Elasticsearch bin directory, install plugin using ES command

CD C:\elasticsearch-2.4.4\binplugin Install Mobz/elasticsearch-head

2, through the Web management Elasticsearch

Enter http://localhost:9200/_plugin/head/in the local browser, if you see the following, the head plug-in installation is successful.

Four, install Elasticsearch into Windows Services (service)

1, open the DOS command line interface, switch to the bin directory of Elasticsearch, execute

Service.bat Install

2, start Elasticsearch service

Service.bat start

3, in the Run interface, enter services.msc, view Elasticsearch service

Five, recommended reading books

Recommended books: "Elasticsearch Server Development (2nd edition)", the book uses the Curl tool called ES API, in fact, using the head plug-in, in the Any Request tab, can easily construct the API to send requests to the ES server URL, To achieve the same functionality:

For example: Use the Curl tool to send commands to the ES server to get the health status of the cluster:

Curl-xget Http://

Using the head plugin, send a request to the ES server to get the health status of the cluster:

Source: http://www.cnblogs.com/ljhdo/p/4887557.html

Elasticsearch First article: Installing Elasticsearch under Windows

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