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Elasticsearch is quite a cool project. This post introduces you to the setup Elasticsearch in IntelliJ idea locally. After this, we are able to:read elasticsearch source code within an IDE debug Elasticsearch Modify & Develop new FEA Tures of Elasticsearch 


step 1

Clone the code from GitHub (Https://github.com/elastic/elasticsearch)

$> git clone git@github.com:elastic/elasticsearch.git
Step 2

Make sure your have IntelliJ idea installed locally. Now let ' s Setup elasticsearch project.

New a project from existing sources.


Use Gradle as the package management tool. (ES 5.X, 6.X are using Gradle instead of Maven)

Check use Auto-import. The Gradle project directory should be yours accordingly. Next Click Finish.
Step 3

The Elasticsearch project might contain multiple branches. The Master branch requires latest version of Gradle, Java, etc. I Checkout to 5.6 branch, since I-environment looks good to 5.6 branch.

$> git Checkout 5.6

Have a try using the Gradle wrapper. The following would create a distribution of elasticsearch with the source code. It could take a long for downloading dependencies & building source codes (in my minutes).

./gradlew Assemble

This generates a ES distribution locally. 

Step 4

Now let's begin to run & Debug Elasticsearch source code. Directly running Elasticsearch within IntelliJ idea are possible, but requires more extra effort. Let ' s adopt elastic ' s advices. 

Run Elasticsearch

Set up a real elasticsearch instance with./gradlew Run--DEBUG-JVM

Elastic@:~/documents/elasticsearch (5.6) $./gradlew Run--DEBUG-JVM to honour "JVM settings for" Build
a new JV M'll be forked. Please consider using the daemon:https://docs.gradle.org/4.3/userguide/gradle_daemon.html.
Daemon'll be stopped in the end of the builds stopping after processing

> Configure project:benchmarks 
...note:/users/shun.ni/documents/hulu/elasticsearch/modules/transport-netty4/src/main/java/org/elasticsearch/ Http/netty4/netty4httpchannel.java uses or overrides a deprecated API.
Note:recompile with-xlint:deprecation for details.

[Elasticsearch] Listening for transport dt_socket on address:8000

> Task:d istribution:run#start Running elasticsearch in 
Deb UG mode, suspending until connected on port 8000

This is instances listens to remote IDE in a certain port:8000. Remember this port. 

Debug Elasticsearch remotely

Then use IntelliJ idea to debug this instance remotely.
Set up idea, click Run-> Edit configurations. Setup a Remote debugging.

Click OK, then we get a new icon like this.

Click Debug ' Es_remote ', then IntelliJ idea connects to ES.
Verify the Debugging

Set a breakpoint in Osinfo.java

Access The local ES Restful APIs with a browser:http://localhost:9200/_nodes this should collect all nodes ' info, and it w Ill invoke Toxcontent method in Osinfo.java. The program should is paused right at "line" (shown in the above picture).

Also the response of the RESTful API like this:

This is the start and now we are good to go. Read the source code & develop new features! Reference Https://github.com/elastic/elasticsearch/blob/master/TESTING.asciidoc#debugging-from-an-ide Contact Me

If you have any question, your are welcome to the contact me via:email:nisxiya@yeah.net Wechat:nisxiya

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