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Encyclopedia Marketing is a corporate brand and visibility of the network marketing method, for network marketing, encyclopedia marketing or a relatively new piece, a lot of people engaged in network marketing and business, and did not really regard the encyclopedia as one thing. In fact, using a good encyclopedia, you can make network marketing more efficient, the most significant feature is the simplest and almost no technical content of the way to achieve a high search engine optimization.

Baidu, for example, its products Baidu know, Baidu Bar, Baidu Encyclopedia, the weight is very high, especially Baidu Wikipedia more representative, by Baidu, Google search engine has given a very high weight, keywords in the search engine rankings are very close to the front. But this is just one of the primary attributes of Wikipedia.


We also use the way of Shang to understand the charm of encyclopedia marketing:

At first, I don't know how much Wikipedia works, as a person engaged in network marketing, is a very failure, a chance, I search on Baidu "model Warcraft" four words, found someone to help me in the Interactive encyclopedia set up a dedicated this article. I was naturally attracted and opened this entry, thank you very much for the unknown founder of the term, so I included the content of this book and the relevant chapters of the list, from the inception to the I found that the interval less than a week, has hundreds of clicks. But the drawback is that some of these descriptions are not very accurate.

My first reaction is to register the interactive encyclopedia for modification, and after the modification is complete, just a few minutes, the new encyclopedia entry appeared, not only modified some founder's mistake, I have unfinished to make the entry more beautiful, with the release of some book pictures and probation links.

Since the revision of an entry, why do I have to pretend to be lofty, waiting for someone else to create the "Model of Warcraft" Baidu Encyclopedia and Wikipedia it? Holding the interactive encyclopedia on the content of the entries, I draw a gourd in Baidu Encyclopedia created a, and soon got through. But there is a completely different situation in terms of subsequent entry creation.

Wikipedia on the creation of entries, I still follow the copy and paste way to do, Baidu Encyclopedia was originally imitation of it, so the function of choice are non-virtualized. But when the entry is made good, after a period of time to see whether the term is approved, the results found that Wikipedia hints, this entry and Baidu encyclopedia on the same entry is too similar, please pay attention to the copyright issue ... Very embarrassing, it seems that foreign copyright issues are very strict, even if the two Wikipedia site to create the same user name or publish the same encyclopedia is also prohibited. In this respect, I had to revise and change the wording of the term, so that more than 10 experiments, only to be successful.

  After the first wiki Baidu, the first foreign countries after the domestic

This also let us learn a lesson, that is to post encyclopedia, must first wiki after Baidu, first abroad after the domestic, or unprovoked added a lot of trouble will not be necessary. Moreover, after Wikipedia through, and then in the Baidu encyclopedia through, it is easy to many, after all, Baidu Encyclopedia is not what you publish any entry can pass, it also wants to see whether you this entry is meaningful, such as network events are hot.

And on the other hand, because Wikipedia entry to create some procrastination, it took me a full three days to succeed, when I was ready to start copying and pasting this entry to search encyclopedia, found that I do not have to do, the entry has been automatically created, original copy Baidu Encyclopedia, and has been to onlookers. Of course, this "created" entry still has some formatting problems and picture publishing problems. I used a very short time to make a plate adjustment, it will be solved.

After the publication of the encyclopedia, the effect immediately appeared, about a few encyclopedia site entries successfully released three or four days later, without any SEO action, these entries began to appear gradually in each search engine that keyword first page or even the first position. And some of the relevant search for Warcraft, but also in the first few pages to see the content of this entry. And a lot of media quotes "model Warcraft" content or reporting, will be the first time to choose the encyclopedia content as a reference to maximize the avoidance of the assertion. At the same time, also greatly facilitates the reader can use the simplest way to understand the content of books, better promote their purchase.

  Use Baidu Encyclopedia entry to do some articles

Through practice and the usual search, an obvious rule is: in Baidu and Google search engines such as searching for some keywords, you will find all kinds of encyclopedia entries without exception ranked quite before, the entry of the high weight is self-evident. With the help of Baidu Encyclopedia entry to do some articles, through the editorial entries in the page to add corresponding to their own web site links, so as to promote the enterprise network, it is inevitable that the current enterprise marketing an effective way.

To know, the site to promote keywords related to the entry to edit, and add a reverse link to enhance the weight of the site, and then help enterprises to carry out network marketing effect is self-evident.

Encyclopedia is a first-class free advertising platform, this Baoshan is actually very easy to master, as long as there are stories, meaningful people and things can easily pass the encyclopedia.

Article Source: Lou Blog, this article address: http://lusongsong.com/reed/509.html

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