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In the global promotion of "Energy saving and emission reduction" premise, how to effectively reduce the printer energy consumption has become a concern of the current office of the topic.

Save the use of consumables

Supplies are the main source of consumption of printer equipment, so the printer energy saving first from the use of supplies began to talk about. In the current enterprise print demand, most of the output is required for day-to-day office, and in the printing of these informal documents, the standard printing mode can be changed to ink printing mode. By opening the printer's Properties dialog box before printing, clicking Printer Preferences, there is a "mode selection" window, where we can turn on "ink mode" so that the printer will print in ink-saving mode. It is reported that C711DN use this method not only can save the use of toner, but also can improve the printing speed, save energy. The printed manuscript is used for daily proofreading or circulation.

At the same time, as a commercial printing of the new mainstream led printer, C711DN equipped with LCD display for consumable capacity can be real-time monitoring. And when the LCD screen prompts "Low toner residue", or if the printing becomes lighter, based on the experience accumulated by the evaluation engineers, at this time you can open the top cover of the printer to tap the toner cartridge several times, so that the ink evenly distributed. This allows the printer's toner cartridge to provide maximum print volume. To avoid wasting toner and possible toner sensor errors, the user can wait until the LCD display "Toner has not" to replace the toner cartridge.

In addition to toner, the Photoconductor drum is another major printer supplies. C711dn using drum powder separation design, the photographic drum can be used as a separate consumable replacement, and the use of photographic drum in the process, but also need to pay special attention to avoid unnecessary waste. The surface of the photoconductor drum is extremely susceptible to damage and is extremely sensitive to light. In addition to being untouchable to prevent scratches, do not expose the photoconductor drum to a normal room for no more than 5 minutes, or direct the photoconductor drum to sunlight and very bright indoor lighting.

function reasonable Use

Usually the working hours of daily office printers are generally around 2 hours, and most of the rest of the time is idle. As a result, almost all printers have standby mode, power saving mode, and C711DN has a sleep mode to solve the problem of energy saving of the printer idle state.

As a result of the use of LED printing technology, so C711DN itself is one of the characteristics of energy-saving, and the dormant mode of power consumption only 1.1W, authoritative media evaluation or even less than 1W, so that C711DN has excellent energy-saving advantages. Thankfully, the C711DN from online to hibernate mode can be set so that the printer will automatically enter Hibernate mode to control its power consumption during the set time if the printer is not in use. To cancel this mode, simply press the "Power/Restore" button on the operator panel.

In addition, C711DN standard automatic duplex printing unit, not only can save the enterprise 50% of paper consumption, and double-sided without as an option to purchase separately, can save 1500-300 of the procurement costs for the enterprise. Not only that, the automatic duplex unit also gives the printer more energy-saving applications. Through the C711DN driver, set the output format of the booklet in the printing preferences, the printing program will automatically typesetting output, facilitate direct riding nails into a booklet. A booklet prints up to three-fourths of the printing paper you can save. At the same time, through the production of brochures can make the printed goods look more concise professional, reading is also more convenient.

High efficiency is also energy saving

Creating greater value in a unit of time can also be seen as energy efficiency, which is energy efficiency. This is the printer's printing speed, home page output time, etc. have direct requirements. This requires users to pay attention to the purchase of the printer, to fully consider the actual use of the frequency and workload, choose the most suitable for their own printer. For example, if more than one person use or department use to consider the purchase of network printers with a NIC, such as the workload is very small, but occasionally printing there is no need to pay high prices to buy high-speed printers, such as just plain black and white document printing, you do not need to buy color printers.

In fact, energy-saving printing technology is only one aspect of energy saving, the user's energy-saving awareness is the most important. No user attention to energy conservation, no good technology can play the most effective. Let us act together, in the day-to-day office to establish a good energy-saving habits.

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