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First, we need to have a few common sense.

First, since it is an English dictionary, of course, the British and American people make up better.
Second, the English-English dictionary can be used, of course, more accurate than the English-Chinese dictionary to grasp the meaning of the word.
Three, the dictionary has the target crowd, not what dictionary all suits you. In other words, the dictionary that suits you is the best dictionary. Of course it's nonsense.
Four, now the electronic dictionary is indeed better than the paper dictionary, not only easy to access, but also a lot of practical functions, can compare ah, discrimination ah, search word method and so on. Of course, you exclude the use of computers.

Then, let's look at a good dictionary (not including a professional dictionary).

1. Longman Dictionary of contemporary 中文版, Longman Contemporary, the latest version of the fourth edition of the 05 revision. Have read aloud, the word English sound all have, the example is the English sound (the sentence has pronunciation oh, this is the only one).
2. Macmillan Chinese Dictionary, Macmillan, was the second edition of the 07, when the British gave it two of the highest prizes and thought it was a great help to the learners.
3. Collins Cobuild Advanced Learner's English Dictionary, Collins Cobuild, the latest is the fifth edition of 05 (as if there is a U.S. language version, but the evaluation is not high, forget it)
4. Cambridge Advanced Learner ' s Dictionary, Cambridge High-end, the latest is the third edition of 08, the current latest, but difficult to start, but also the former array of what return turmoil.
5. Oxford Advanced Learner ' s Dictionary, Oxford High-end, the latest is the seventh edition of 05, the quality is beyond doubt, but the electronic version of the writing is a bit silly.

The above five are currently written to the EFL (English as Foreign Language) dictionaries, are written by the British, Americans never care about the difficulties of foreigners. Interpretation is usually controlled in about 2500 words, I believe you high school is also good, after a period of adaptation should be able to get started (Oxford Gao a bit reluctant). In this case, their two-solution version will not be discussed (do translation words can draw on, this is only), to slow a long time to translate come not to say, it must be the old version. Learning Dictionary (learner ' s Dictionary) of course hate ~

6. Merriam-webster's Collegiate dictionary,11th edition, the so-called Merriam-Webster dictionary usually refers to it.
7. American Heritage College dictionary,4th Edition, American Traditional University dictionary, English major must have a copy of it.
8. Random House Webster ' s College Dictionary, Langdon, seems to be in decline ...
9. Webster ' s New World College Dictionary,fourth Edition, New Century University, with MW11 not bad.
Collins English Dictionary, Collins ' university-level dictionary
Concise Oxford 中文版 Dictionary, Eleventh Edition, concise Oxford

The above 6 kinds of so-called University-level Dictionary (collegiate Dictionary), the word is about 200,000, interpretation precise, concise. But do not take refuge word, need to have a certain confidence in their English to use, after all, they are actually written for the British and American local people. We use Xinhua dictionary, Modern Chinese Dictionary what feeling, British and American people use them is what feeling. Don't expect them to tell you what to do with a word. If writing articles everywhere is chinglish words, or obediently back to the study-type dictionary, you are not enough, just a lot of words and no meaning.

12.Shorter Oxford 中文版 Dictionary, 5th Edition, is actually the OED of the thumbnail version.
13.Webster ' s third New International Dictionary, W3, MW11 if it's not enough, add this.
14.Random House Webster ' s unabridged Dictionary, Adachi-Blue.
15.American Heritage Dictionary of the Chinese Language, 4th edition, the foot of the tradition.
16.The New Oxford American Dictionary, Second edition, Oxford Dictionary teamed up with the American dictionary.

These 5 are all so-called uncut (unabridged) dictionaries, the purpose is to fully include the full picture of English vocabulary, basically normal people will not use them to look up the word.

17.Oxford 中文版 Dictionary

Note Oh, there are 17, this is the legendary ultimate dictionary oed, microcopy A set of strength small point can not move.

So, if we learn English to use for the purpose, 5 of the study-type dictionary to pick a few, and then matching a MW11 check obscure word is almost. Of course, the dictionary is not too many, each kind of carefully written dictionary will give you a unique help.

As I know, 1-6 have a mature electronic version (others may also have). Recommended on the computer 1,2,6 (CALD3 too new to find the source, OALD7 electronic version of the use of inconvenient; Collins dictionary quality is still in the 3 version of the standard, but easy to use, the first English-English dictionary is suitable), accounting for about 2G space, it is easy to download to use it is also very handy. Note that it is the latest version of the electronic version of the paper, rather than using the software that will only integrate the dictionary. The former is the dictionary editor of the Professional body with the printed edition of the electronic version, there are many originality, the latter is the software company for profit for the purpose of publishing a dictionary content list (usually the old version), good or bad self-evident.

I believe you have a more comprehensive concept of the English-English dictionary.

One of the issues that comes up with this:

Oxford Dictionary and Longman Dictionary which one is good. The main difference between the two is where.

A: Oxford and Longman are the two most famous publishing houses in the UK, each of which publishes a large number of English dictionaries. What the readers often refer to in Oxford and Longman refers to the Oxford Corner Dictionary and the Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Advanced English (both English and Chinese). Both dictionaries are among the most well-known learning dictionary brands in the World and are specially compiled for learners whose mother tongue is not English.

The Oxford Corner Dictionary has a long history from the first edition of the 1920s, and has now published 6 editions. Its interpretation of rigorous, pay attention to accuracy, but reading it has a certain degree of difficulty. In addition, its grammatical annotations are detailed and prestigious among the readers.

Longman Dictionary is the reader-centric, using the word control theory, the 2000 simplest English words to explain all the terms, so easy to understand. The Longman dictionary clearly shows both spoken and written language, and the most commonly used words are divided into 1000, 2000, and 30,003 levels according to frequency. Longman colloquial sentences, and all selected from the real daily conversation, more suitable for the emphasis on oral English learning readers. In addition, the Longman dictionary is illustrated in detail and is particularly popular with university and middle school teachers.

by drug
1) Llongman Dictioanry 2003yearcd-rom:longman 655MB DICTIONARY of AMERICAN 中文版 2004 CD-ROM 270MB
2) Macmilian 中文版 DICTIONARY (for advanced learners of AMERICAN 中文版) CD-ROM 560MB
4) Merriam-webster ' S collegiate Dictionary and thesaurus, Deluxe Audio Edition 675MB
5) colins Cobuild DICTIONARY 632MB

I personally need 4) Merriam-webster ' S.
As a general learning tool for users to download, or preferred 5) Colins or 1) LONGMAN.
Longman Electron is useless, do not know what is the characteristics of Macmillan, have not seen Cambridge advanced DICTIONARY.

by Piedpiper
Macmillan's occasional Classic, that is printed on paper, I think, on the English-English dictionary, or this is suitable for beginners, interpretation is very popular, the explanation is almost all the words in the junior high school textbooks, and encountered some words, he did not explain to you, only give a description. Attached to the example, True TM comfortable. And there are so many examples, there is a little new meaning in English and Chinese. CAMBRIDGE Advanced DICTIONARY, no use.

However, that this Webster and Longman even hard disk, personal feel, not suitable for beginners, especially the Webster, I personally feel that there is a little bit of the meaning of the dictionary, it seems not for beginners.
On the English-Chinese dictionary, or the Luks English-Chinese dictionary, Real TM Fantasy version AH.

by drug
To me, Collins and PowerWord in the American Traditional dictionary (British English) is enough.
1.collins is very good, the content is many, the ability to exercise skim, must quickly locate the word you encounter the precise of the article.
2. American Traditional Dictionary (English-English) I think it is very strong, a basically can find out, a lot of words meaning and taste, especially its more essential meaning, said very clearly. Many explanations are significantly better than other dictionaries. I use it very comfortably. I think it is not a lot of comments, and some notes four-to-two, meaning a wide range of radiation. I think it's quite classic.
3. Weber did not get used to buying a book that was basically not seen. The English explanation that I used to read when I learned the GRE words was to look directly at the short notes of the Corn Hu in the Red Cookbook.

My Collins downloaded the address previously found in Ziyuan District, forgot.
By the way, do not forget to select "Full Install" when installing, this is "sound".

by dujiaming
Longman's verb usage and sample sentences are very rich, the use of words is very convenient;
Collins's explanation is very characteristic, but too wordy, and the electronic version does not do well;
Cambridge International was one of the most popular English-English dictionaries for the first sophomore (only in the case of Sisu);
Teacher favorite Merriam Webster, because the best explanation, and just began to read the interpretation of it like in practice difficult to read, long time both to improve the vocabulary, and enhance the ability to read sentences (I like this, other dictionaries are not clear when you must find it), the junior high school copied this dictionary, Benefited
PowerWord Amerian Heritage is also a very good dictionary, allegedly in the United States is the number of words to receive the most (the version of the Kingsoft is older), usually check the most convenient, so use the most.
Macmilian 中文版 Dictionary not used
Personal inclination Merriam Webster, but it's really hard for the average person. The second choice should be Longman's electronic version, not Collins electronic version, because Collins's electronic version is really bad.

by drug
The D edition is very clear, thank you for your recent help with the answer area.
Every time I see Collins really a bit wordy people upset, but I have a small version of the original Mini good, in Nanjing Foreign Language bookstore bought, heard that the NOXORC boss GRE test scores, this dictionary is turned rotten, culture area vent area has my dictionary photos, but are very naïve.
I also have the time to copy Weber, hehe. : )

by teddy2002
Macmilian 中文版 DICTIONARY (for advanced learners of AMERICAN Chinese) CD-ROM 560MB interpretation is good, but does not support Windows XP SP2, and PowerWord have conflict.
Colins Cobuild DICTIONARY 632MB
The feeling is not very good.
Merriam-webster ' S Collegiate Dictionary and thesaurus, Deluxe Audio Edition 675MB
Good interpretation, but I tried many times, can not hear audio. Maybe I'm too stupid.
It's not used, it's hard to say.
LONGMAN Dictioanry 2003yearcd-rom:longman 655MB
Very good. The interface is gorgeous, both English and American are pronounced. I use the most now.

by Jerryh
English explanations and examples of words can be found in the electronic version of some dictionaries. My Longman dictionary electronic version is bought, Collins dictionary electronic version is downloaded, the address has been forgotten, as if not hard to find. The two dictionaries and the Oxford High-level learner dictionary are rich in examples. They all have online versions and are free to use. See Http://www.ldoceonline.com/index.html and http://www.oup.com/elt/global/products/oald/lookup/

Paper Dictionary I recommend: 1, "Longman Contemporary Advanced English Dictionary" recommended fourth edition, the British and British, has recently introduced the version. If you want to double-solve, only the third edition. The microcopy is small enough to be standing on hand. 2, "Longman Learner Dictionary" recommended the third edition, because the fourth edition of a lot less examples, do not know how the editor's Brain water. 3, "Oxford High-level learner dictionary," the latest is the sixth edition, both British and English and the two solutions are sold. 4, "McMillan language dictionary" is also good, British and English.
As for the understanding of culture, it is very important to accumulate and expand knowledge in peacetime. Of course, you can also find some encyclopedias, such as the electronic version of the British Encyclopedia and the Microsoft Encyclopedia. Online download seems not easy, you can find on Taobao. If the encyclopedia can not be found, can only be found on the Internet, from contextual speculation.


Mar 2005, 02:52 AM

Thank drug for bringing together the wisdom of all. I spoke very briefly in it, and now I want to elaborate on how I feel about using various electronic dictionaries.

1, Longman Modern English Dictionary fourth edition of the electronic version (LONGMAN dictioanry 2003YEAR CD-ROM). This is my favorite electronic version of the dictionary. Not only because the Longman dictionary itself is rich, flexible, its interface is the best in the electronic version of the dictionary. In addition, the electronic version itself has a large library of examples, of which the number of examples is several times the number of examples in a paper dictionary. In addition, we also provide jump query, pronunciation, etymology, word collocation and synonyms and other rich content, the pronunciation of natural truth, the English sound of the United States, the sound is much better than PowerWord.

2, Collins Learner's Dictionary (third edition) electronic version. On its interface, it is crude, Billand is much worse. But its contents make up for the lack of appearance greatly. This electronic version also has a paper dictionary does not have a library of examples, the number of examples than the Longman electronic version of the same is much larger, sometimes a word has a good hundreds of examples, at all. So to verify that there is some kind of argument, it is more reliable to check it here than on the Internet. In addition, this electronic dictionary also includes synonyms dictionaries and usage notes. Based on the above advantages, this is also my most commonly used in the electronic version of the dictionary.

3. American Traditional Dictionary (American Heritage Dictionary). One of the three best university dictionaries in the United States. The third edition of the Dictionary received in the PowerWord, used for many years, very convenient. The fourth edition of the electronic version I also downloaded, British and English, in the office with good, in my 12-inch widescreen small notebook on the display is not normal, so use not much.

4. Webster's University Dictionary (merriam-webster ' S collegiate Dictionary) 11th edition. One of the three best university dictionaries in the United States, this edition is very new and has a good interface.

5, Webster's Dictionary (Merriam-webster's unabridged Dictionary) 3rd edition, the United States, the largest and most authoritative dictionary, what other dictionaries can not find words or meanings to see here, and examples of the American dictionary is more.

6. Webster's New World Dictionary (Webster ' s New Worlds Dictionary). There is no domestic sales, my is the United States Staples Stationery store handling goods, 5 of dollars. Its content is the 3rd edition of the paper Dictionary, not to say, is also one of the three best university dictionaries in the United States, also includes a synonym dictionary. But its interface is the most primitive one, not even maximized, only "a glimpse". Because it's not used much. I have another 4th edition of its paper dictionary.

7, Encarta Dictionary. This is a Microsoft company in the previous years the organization of the publication, not sold in the country, in the United States have seen its paper version. Its academic level is subject to some questioning, but generally used with no problem. The interface is better, the amount should be more than the average university dictionary, but also include synonymous dictionaries and English, German, English, and other languages of the translation. The dictionary seems to have no separate discs, and mine is installed with the Encarta Encyclopedia.

Macmillan's Electronic dictionary is useless and wants to have one. But its paper-learner dictionary is of good quality, although not Longman and Oxford Rich, but in the American dictionary is already a lot of.

It is said that the Oxford high-level learner's dictionary also has an electronic version, but is not available.

Basic mainstream dictionaries have been used, the following self-use after the feeling, but also draw on some netizens comments. Opinion is for reference only. Original content, if you want to reprint please specify, "reproduced from the English Listening Forum."


Collins cobuild Dictionary (colloquial words, a large number of examples) five-star

Longman contemporary Chinese Dictionary (authentic) five-star

Oxford Advanced learner ' s Dictionary (clarifying) five-star

American Heritage Dictionary (Concise, American) four stars

Not recommended:

Cambridge Advanced learner ' s Dictionary (unclear) two-star

Macmillan 中文版 Dictionary for advanced learners (ambiguous Two-star

Merriam-webster ' s collegiate Dictionary (American phonetic transcription is not used; cyclic interpretation, big words interpretation small words, requires a considerable amount of vocabulary; short sentences, etymology in writing; gre) four-star

Oxford Advanced learner ' s English-chinese Dictionary (eyes have natural Chinese preference, dual solution version is not conducive to the development of language sense and thinking; Chinese translation quality is general; double-solution typesetting complex, slowing down the search speed and understanding efficiency) Samsung

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