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Device information

Epson Tm-t88iv Thermal Printer, Epson Tm-t88iv Thermal printer, mainly used to print tickets (receipt)

Operating system: Windows 7 Ultimate x64

Environment configuration

To take advantage of Microsoft point of Service for. NET, devices for Epson, to download the following two installation packages, and to do the appropriate configuration:

1. Microsoft point of Service for. NET v1.12 Download

PS: Found the latest version of V1.14,epson is not supported, the device cannot be found with this API

2. EPSON OPOS ADK for. NET download

The first to install the Microsoft, and then install the Epson. Install these two things, you will use Epson's Setuppos to the physical device Printer mapping a logical name Logical name, used for the program.

I use wire Network mode, so you need to set Printer IP address, you can refer to how to Setting EPSON tm-t88iv Printer IP addresses


Next should be the actual combat phase, how to code operation printing, this is one of my packaging PosPrinter.cs code on Github above, the specific use do not need to do the instructions.

*receipt template*

Print content template problem, about this, network information is really scarce, for example, to print the following content:



* Please pay attention to the station

22:53:18 18-june-2014

There are font bold, increase, and stretch, text center alignment and other basic formatting control, as well as the adjustment of the paper pitch Feed control and Cut Paper settings, etc., can refer to the Microsoft API, to a Receipt Template as above:

1 /*2esc|caesc|4c{1}{0}{0}{0}esc|bcesc|5hcesc|5vc{2}{0}esc| nesc|caesc|4c{0}{0}{3}{0}{0}{0}esc| Nesc|ca{4}{0}esc|5lfesc|100p3 **/4 5 ESC|CA//Text Center6 esc|4c//Position size doubled (aspect double)7 Leaf.duan//{1}8{0}9{0}Ten{0} One ESC|BC//font Bold AESC|5HC//Horizontal stretching 5Times -ESC|5VC//Vertical Stretch 5Times -0001//{2} the{0} - esc| N//Set back to normal, default setting - ESC|CA//Text Center - esc|4c//Text size doubled +{0} -{0} + * Please pay attention to the call//{3} A{0} at{0} -{0} - esc| N//Set back to normal, default setting - ESC|CA//Text Center -22:55:18 18-june-2014//{4} -{0} inESC|5LF//Feed 5Line -esc|100p//Cut Paper 100%, is paper-cut 100%, specific ratios can be set as required to  +/* The {0} above represents the newline environment.newline; ESC can be replaced with \x1b, but be aware of escaping; ESC can also be used ((char) 27). ToString () Make Replace */


How do I print with the EPSON printer driver API, such as Statusapi ? Because EPSON official documentation is really confusing and unfavorable to developers, so there is no research, I do not know whether you have this way to achieve the friends to share.


Because this information on the network is really fragmented, so do this article to organize. Due to the time rush, the depth of exploration limited, but also hope Bo friends to share their experiences.

PS: How to find EPSON devices in the same network, can download software epsonnet Config to view, it is convenient

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