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In recent years it and space technology development, cloud computing, big data, real-time information, LBS, unmanned aerial vehicles, tilt photography and other new technologies emerging, Internet infrastructure construction achievements, broadband become a national strategic public infrastructure.

GIS (Geographic information System), as an important tool of spatial information analysis and processing, has undergone great changes in its application requirements. Online content, convenient collaboration, anytime and anywhere access to multiple devices, popular applications, etc., has become a new trend of GIS applications, new trends.

The integration of GIS with the latest mainstream it architectures and technologies has spawned a new generation of web GIS. The broad creation, sharing, and collaboration of Web service with the core content of spatial data and its processing, analysis and expression, as well as the easy access and interaction of anyone with any device, anytime, anywhere, constitutes the main feature of "next-generation Web GIS". "Next-generation Web GIS" makes GIS a reality for everyone in the organization. In concert with this, ESRI's flagship product, ArcGIS, has evolved and transformed over the years by a traditional GIS software that evolves and sublimated into a complete "next-generation Web GIS" platform that fully supports its construction model.

So what is the application pattern of Web GIS that can bring value to organizations? "Overall, through the application model of Web GIS, organizations can get GIS services more easily and cost-effectively," Sha Zhiyou, ESRI's China technical director, said in an interview. ”

This, Sha Zhiyou continues, explains that Web GIS provides powerful online content management capabilities. Not only can carry a variety of GIS content, including maps, images, three-dimensional and different types of services, and even integrated enterprise data, tabular data, social media data and new sensor network data acquisition, but also increased the support of big data, the realization of a variety of information online integration and use.

WEB GIS has innovated the cooperative working mode. In order to keep the existing business model unchanged, we can break the barriers of collaboration between departments, and shift from departmental collaboration to a new type of organization and collaborative relationship centered on Web GIS, making collaboration easier.

WEB GIS has created a new type of shared communication mechanism. GIS applications are simpler and more convenient for users throughout the organization, and even the public, to access and use the GIS anytime, anywhere, with multiple devices.

WEB GIS has also changed the way GIS professionals work to make them more efficient. No longer confined to small areas, but can be data, maps, models, layers and so quickly share to more people, and can easily get the web from other people's content, reduce the workload of data collection, greatly improve the efficiency. GIS professionals are no longer "one man fighting", but "one group fighting Together".

In short, the connection properties of WEB GIS use maps and geographic information to connect everyone in an organization to make information flow faster. It is understood that at the 12th session of the ESRI China User Conference, to be held at the Beijing International Convention Center in September 4 and 5th, there will be an in-depth discussion on the "Next Generation Web GIS" Application model, as well as the software-as-a-service cloud model that ArcGIS provides to support the application model, the software local deployment model, Introduction to three modes of construction in mixed mode.


For more information about the 12th session of the ESRI China User Conference in 2014, you can sign up for the ESRI China User Conference from September 4 to 5th. Click "Read the original" to jump to the ESRI website or simply register.

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