ETL is a function of three independent data centers linked by a simple programming tool. What does ETL mean?

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During database management, extraction, conversion, and loading (ETL, extract, transform, and load) are three independent functions that constitute a simple editing task. First, read the data in the specified source database and extract the required sub-dataset. Then, the conversion function uses rules or drop-down lists to process the acquired data or create connections with other data, so that it can be converted to the desired state. Finally, we usually use the Loading Function to compile the obtained data (all child sets or only changed parts) to obtain a target database, which may or may not exist.

Extract, transform, and load (ETL) to obtain a short subdataset for report or other purposes. It can also obtain a longer-lived data set for other purposes, such as data mart or data warehouse, conversion from one database type to another, and data transfer between databases or platforms.

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