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FaviconYesFavorites iconIs also calledWebsite icon(Webpage icons ),Page icon(Page icon) orUrlicon(URL icon ). Favicon is an icon associated with a website or webpage. Website designers can create such icons in multiple ways, and many web browsers currently support this function. The browser can display the favicon in the address bar of the browser, place it before the website name of the bookmarked list, or place it before the page title on the tab browser interface.

Initially, A favicon is defined by placing a file named "favicon. ico" in the root directory of the Web server, Internet
Explorer favorites (bookmarks) can automatically display the file. Later, a more flexible method was introduced, that is, HTML was used to indicate the location where its icons were stored for any webpage. This method is based on<Head>Add two link components. In this way, any image of an appropriate size (16x16 pixels or larger) can be used as A favicon. However, in most cases, the ICO format is still used. Other Web browsers now support the PNG (portable network image) format and GIF (Graphic Interchange Format) animated image format.

Most browsers on the market support both of the above methods. Therefore, the network server must accept many requests for the "favicon. ico" file even if the file does not exist. The website administrator is not satisfied with this because it will add a large number of Server logs, and lead to many unnecessary disk reads and CPU and network resources occupation. Another common problem is that favicon may disappear after the browser cache is cleared.

Internet Explorer used favicon for Favorites (for example, MSIE 6.0) at the earliest ). This leads to some privacy concerns, because the website owner can check the access log to see how many people have downloaded the favicon. ico file to determine how many people put their websites into their favorites. However, since the emergence of the new version of Internet Explorer (such as MSIE 7.0), and many other browsers start to display favicon on the address bar each time they access it, this is no longer a problem.

For details, see Favicon.

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