Fedora source code compilation arm-qte-4.8.5, fedora compiler Kernel

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Fedora source code compilation arm-qte-4.8.5, fedora compiler Kernel
1. Enter tiny210 \ FriendlyARM-210-DVD \ Linux in the CD

Import arm-qte-4.8.5-20131207.tar.gz to the fedora System (eg: opt directory)

2. Use the tarcommand to decompress arm-qte-4.8.5-20131207.tar.gz
Tar-zxvf arm-qte-4.8.5-20131207.tar.gz
Go to the decompressed directory and run the build. sh script.

3. After compilation, enter/opt/arm-qte-4.8.5/qt-everywhere-opensource-src-4.8.5/bin
Enter./qmake-v to check whether the installation is successful.

4. We can see that the compiled qmake has Qt tools such as qmake and the header files required for compiling under the directory/usr/local/Trolltech/QtEmbedded-4.8.5-arm.

We add the QTE cross-compiling environment path to the environment variable.
Use vi to open the/etc/profile file
Add at the end of the file
Export PATH = "$ PATH:/usr/local/Trolltech/QtEmbedded-4.8.5-arm/bin"

5. Enter source/etc/profile in the terminal to make the configuration in the/etc/profile file take effect immediately.

6. view the PATH variable and qmake version.

Through the echo $ PATH command, we can find that the QTE cross-compilation environment PATH has been added to the PATH, but we found that the qmake version is not the QTE version through the qmake-v command, by viewing the PATH variable, we found that there was a qt version of 3.3 at the beginning, because the QTE cross-compilation environment PATH was later, so it was not recognized, in this case, change the/etc/profile file again.
Put the QTE cross-compiling environment PATH before the PATH variable, as shown in:

Save and exit. Enter source/etc/profile on the terminal to make the/etc/profile file take effect immediately.
Run the echo $ PATH and qmake-v commands to view the details again.

It is found that the version of qmake has changed to the version of qmake in our QTE.

7.7. Write a cpp program to test it.

Qmake-project-o test. pro (generate the test. pro project file)
Qmake (generate Makefile file)
Make (compile program)

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