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As the first software developed specifically for the design of the homepage graphics, fireworks did a great job, and although fireworks was still deficient in some ways, it still needed to be improved, but she did bring revolutionary changes to web design. To the Web graphics designers in the design of Web graphics has brought unprecedented convenience and speed, to other image processing software has brought great impact and promotion. The function of fireworks is really strong, here first to tell you some of its basic knowledge, so that everyone good grasp.
   PNG file Format
Many people predict that PNG (Portable Network Graphics Portable Network Graphics) will replace traditional image formats like GIF and JPEG with its superior file format on the Web. The PNG format does have a unique advantage in dealing with Web graphics:
1. No distortion: Unlike JPEG graphics files, images will not lose any color information when they are saved in PNG format.
2. High compression rate: Files in PNG format can even have a greater compression rate than GIF.
3, support bit transparent: PNG support Alpher channel Transparent, Alpher channel transparency is different from the index index color is transparent: Index index color transparency is either completely transparent or completely opaque While the Alpher channel transparent color can make parts of the same color transparent and other parts opaque.
4, gamma Correction: The PNG format is the first to support the gamma-ray setting of the monitor, which makes the image in PNG format the same display on any platform.
5, Support True color: similar to the JPEG image format, PNG can handle millions of colors.
6, powerful graphic re-editing: After the picture is saved to the PNG file format, again in the fireworks call up to edit, the picture is still good to maintain the separation of the layer and object separation, and allow us to the picture of any part of the independent to make any changes. This greatly facilitates our future modification and editing of the graphic.
Although most browsers have so far not been able or can only use Plug-ins to support PNG file formats, we can foresee that PNG images will soon become the third major web graphics format after GIF and JPEG as the PNG file format continues to evolve and spread.
When you do something with fireworks, it has some warning messages, such as the "Don t show this again" mentioned above, if you choose "Don't Prompt me Again", this information will not appear again. But in some cases, you would like to see this information prompt, you can choose: Commands\reset warning Dialogs restore warning prompt, then this prompt will appear again.
   parameter settings for fireworks usage environment
Most of the fireworks use environment parameters we can all through the Click menu File-->preferences, set up in the Open Preferences dialog box, Preferences dialog box includes general (common), (edit), Floders (folder), import (import) four options panel, after changing the settings of each option here, we have to restart the next time fireworks, these settings will work.
In general we can make the appropriate parameter settings for the Undo Steps (undo times), the default colors color defaults and interpolation (image corrections) used by the system. We do not advocate setting the undo steps value too high because it consumes memory resources. Also, if we set the undo number to 8 times, Fireworks3.0 New History function panel similar to Photoshop5.0 will automatically record our last eight operations, but unfortunately the Fireworks3.0 history function panel cannot have countless undo functions like Photoshop5.0.
On the edit Options panel, it provides such as precise cursor settings, open graphics files in image editing mode, and within the fireworks Source files area: (When Editing from External Application when we use fireworks to edit images like Dreamweaver or other HTML editors, define whether to use the fireworks default PNG format to open; External application) defines whether you use the fireworks default PNG format when you use Fireworks's optimization commands to optimize your Dreamweaver images.
Fireworks can not only support the plug-in filters developed by the third manufacturer, but also allow users to use part of the Photoshop plugin (plug-ins), while fireworks also allows us to increase the use of other fill textures and patterns. These options can be set through the Floders options panel.
The Import Options panel is the new options panel Fireworks3.0 for the Preferences dialog box, which is the Photoshop File in the General Options panel in Fireworks2.0 A deepening of convertion independent extraction. It is primarily used to set the default file format psd that we use in fireworks to open Photoshop.
   Fireworks Picture Cutting
The large image is divided into small pieces of the picture, and these small pictures loaded in an HTML table, in the Web page seamless group into the original large image, this is the Web page in the production of optimization, optimization of the Web page is one of the most commonly used and most effective method. You may still be busy with this miserable errand before you use fireworks, a special picture-cutting tool from fireworks to save you from this pain. Specific Chettu operations We can view the Learning Center related articles.
   the image of fireworks export
PNG is considered by fireworks as its own image format, by selecting Save or Save As we can save the pictures processed in fireworks to that file format.
How do you export these two image formats for the web, which are widely supported by all Web browsers with only GIF and JPEG images? Fireworks provides us with a very useful export Preview (exported preview) and Export Wizard (Transfer Wizard) two major functional sections, for their detailed explanation we can also view the relevant articles in the Learning Center.
In fireworks we usually use the export preview function to export various formats including GIF and JPEG image files, in fact, careful fireworks also provides us with several other special export:
Selected Slice: Select slices, which allow you to export only one or several slices of Chettu.
Layers/frames to Files: one of the layers or frames of an animation that is exported separately from the image.
CSS Layers: Export the picture and place it in your own CSS (cascading Style Sheets) layer, and if you want to use that layer on your Web page, you can copy the generated code directly to the appropriate place on the Web page.
Lotus Domino Image: Export the image-rich format used in Lotus Domino documents.
Flash SWF: The SWF file format that produces the Flash movie for animation export.
Illustrator 7: The fireworks image is exported as a Illustrator. ai file format.
   The behavior of fireworks
Select the menu "Window-->behaviors" to open the behavior panel, using this feature panel, we can easily make a variety of simple roll cover (rollover), interactive pictures, navigation bar, status bar text information and so on.
   Seamless integration with the Dreamweaver
As long as you set the default image editor of Dreamweaver to Fireworks, the files in the Dreamweaver editor processed in fireworks will immediately follow the update.
You can optimize your picture with the standard controls provided by fireworks in Dreamweaver without having to turn on fireworks.
The code generated by fireworks can be directly exported to the Dreamweaver library or directly to the Dreamweaver Web page Editor in the appropriate location.
With the behaviors of fireworks, you can easily generate a variety of roll-cover or interactive buttons, and so on.
   Import the Fireworks2.0 style
Are you worried because Fireworks3.0 less Fireworks2.0 style (Styles)? Don't worry, first find your original Fireworks2.0 installation directory Macromedia\fireworks 2\settings\styles under the "Style defaults.stl" file, Then copy it to the same installation directory you Fireworks3.0, and then open your Fireworks3.0, click on the small triangle in the upper right corner of the style function panel, select "Import Styles" in the pop-up menu, Import the. stl file that you just copy the Fireworks3.0 installation directory.

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