Flowchart how to draw how to draw a good program flowchart

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how to draw a flowchart how to draw a good program flowchart

flowcharts are intuitive the Reflection file process, it than ppt, table more image and clear , so the flowchart is widely used, then how to draw the flowchart? How can I draw a flowchart of a program? The next small series will give you a way to draw a flowchart.

1. First, on the computer to download a flowchart making software, the browser search keyword "Rapid flow chart making software", to enter the official website to download and install the software.

2. Run the Open software and select "Create New Chart" in the dialog box that pops up. If you have an icon, you can also click "Open Existing Chart".

3. After clicking Create Chart, an option screen will pop up, at the top, set the file name, click "Flowchart" in the list option on the left , select the flowchart style you want to make, click Create. (or you can build your own flowchart style)

4. Make the flowchart style selection successful, then start editing the flowchart text information in the box. The following is an example of how to edit text in a small compilation.

5. On the right side of the flowchart, you can change the text style, including the font, color, size, background and other styles can be set here.

6. Click on the various shape tools on the left, where you can create a unique flowchart that is unique and creative.

7. The flowchart is finished, click "File", save the file for use. In the top of the menu bar there is a lot of the function of making flowcharts, here is not a small part of the demonstration, you download the software to experience it yourself.

Read the above operation according to the steps to draw a flowchart, you will certainly make a unique flowchart, want to draw a good flowchart is just a software distance, do not act quickly?

Flowchart how to draw how to draw a good program flowchart

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