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Author: Zhu Jincan


Although I have been familiar with GDI + before, I am determined to systematically learn GDI + from now on. The textbook used is "proficient in GDI programming". In vs 2010 or earlier versions, the vs compiler uses GDI + to initialize the GDI + Environment (MFC 10 in vs 2010 depends on GDI +, so no Initialization is required ).

The procedure for initializing the GDI + Environment of vs 2003, VS 2005, and vs 2008 is the same.

Add a data member to the application class to protect permissions:

Ulong_ptr m_gdiplustoken;

The implementation file of the application class contains the header file of GDI +:

# Include <gdiplus. h>

Add gdiplus. lib to the additional library of the project.

Then add the following initialization code to the initinstance of the application class:

Bool C *** app: initinstance () <br/>{< br/> gdiplus: gdiplusstartupinput startupinput; <br/> gdiplusstartup (& m_gdiplustoken, & startupinput, null); <br/>}< br/>

The above code initializes the GDI + resources.

Add the following code to the initinstance of the application class:

Int C *** app: exitinstance () <br/>{< br/> // todo: add dedicated code and/or call the base class </P> <p> gdiplus: gdiplusshutdown (m_gdiplustoken); <br/> return _ super: exitinstance (); <br/>}< br/>

The purpose of the above Code is to destroy the GDI + resources.

For details about how to use the GDI + Library in VC 6.0, refer to this article: two methods of using GDI + in vc6.0.

Now, let's test whether the GDI + Environment Initialization is successful. We use the class interface of GDI + to draw a string in the view client area. The specific code is as follows:

CDC * PDC = pview-> getdc (); <br/> gdiplus: Graphics graphics (PDC-> m_hdc); <br/> gdiplus: Pen (gdiplus :: color (0,255, 0,255); <br/> gdiplus: solidbrush brush (gdiplus: color (,); <br/> gdiplus :: fontfamily fontfm (L ""); <br/> gdiplus: Font font (& fontfm, 24, gdiplus: fontstyleregular, gdiplus: Unitel ); <br/> crect RT; <br/> pview-> getclientrect (& RT); <br/> gdiplus: pointf (RT. width ()/2, Rt. height ()/2); <br/> graphics. drawstring (L "GDI + program diagram",-1, & font, pointf, & brush); <br/> graphics. releasehdc (PDC-> m_hdc); <br/> pview-> releasedc (PDC); <br/>

As follows:


1. to use the GDI + Library in the DLL, you only need to include gdiplus. H and gdiplus. lib, the initialization of the GDI + environment only needs to be done in the main call program, otherwise, the error of DLL re-entry may easily occur when the GDI + environment is initialized in the DLL initialization code (I have made such an error before ).

2. the GDI + interface parameter uses the Unicode Character Set, because the string parameter must be a Unicode character when calling any GDI + class interface. In the multi-Byte Character Set environment, constant strings can be developed through L macro conversion. for Variable Multi-byte characters to unicode characters, you can use the Windows API function multibytetowidechar or the a2w macro of ATL.

3. The objects of GDI + are the same as those of the GDI handle, which also occupy resources. objects that use too many GDI + at a time may even crash the program. Therefore, the resources occupied by unnecessary GDI + objects must be released at any time. For example: graphics. releasehdc (PDC-> m_hdc ).

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