Get rid of these bad habits. you are not a Cainiao.

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Get rid of these bad habits. you are not a Cainiao. You are not a Cainiao. you are not a Cainiao. do not use tools such as phpDoc to properly comment your code 2. for excellent integrated development environments such as ZendSt, get rid of these bad habits.
1. do not use tools such as phpDoc to properly comment your code 2. turning a blind eye to excellent integrated development environments such as Zend Studio or Eclipse PDT 3. we have never used any form of version control systems, such as Subclipse4. we do not use certain encoding and naming standards, or general conventions. we cannot implement them in the project development cycle. do not use uniform development method 6. do not convert (or) or verify some input or SQL query strings. do not thoroughly plan your program before coding 8. do not use test-driven development 9. coding and testing are not performed when an error is enabled (refer to the PHP function error_reporting) 10. turning a blind eye to the benefits of the debugger 11. do not refactor your code 12. do not use MVC-like pattern to divide different layers of the program 13. I don't know these concepts: KISS, DRY, MVC, OOP, REST14. instead of returning, I directly output (echo/print) content in your function or class. turning a blind eye to the advantages of unit testing or general testing 16. always returns hardcoded HTML, but does not return pure data, strings, or objects 17. always hard-coded "messages" and "configuration parameters" 18. SQL query statements are not optimized 19. do not use _ autoload. 20. intelligent error handling is not allowed (note: refer to ErrorStack of PEAR) 21. replace $ _ GET with $ _ POST for destructive transfer operations 22. I don't know how to use the regular expression 23. I have never heard of SQL injection or XSS 24. simple configuration is not allowed, or the constructor of the class cannot accept parameter passing and then execute the set/get method or the constant definition at runtime 25. do not understand the advantages and disadvantages of object-oriented programming (OOP) 26. misuse of oop27regardless of the situation. the software that you think can be reused must be equal to/need to make your code comply with OOP28. do not use the smart default value 29. no single configuration file 30. you do not want to expose the file source code, but use it. the suffix of inc is replaced. Php31. do not use database abstraction layer 32. you cannot keep the DRY style, that is, do not repeat yourself. if you are always copying and pasting something, it means you are poorly designed. without implementation, a function, class, or method can only do one thing and cannot be used together. 34. failed to try the features of OOP, such as abstract classes, interfaces, polymorphism, inheritance, and access control modifiers (such as public, private, and protected) 35. optimization of your program system design without existing design patterns 36. you are not allowed to define the basic directory 37 if you have many files or directories. contaminated namespace, for example, naming your library functions with common strings 38. database tables are not prefixed with 39. do not use the unified template engine 40. without paying attention to the existing PHP development framework, you are too lazy to explore. In fact, advanced development concepts and wonderful code are included.

Pipeline 1. do not use tools such as phpDoc to properly comment your code 2. excellent integrated development environments such as Zend St...

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