GitHub Basic Learning-Create a GitHub account and create a warehouse on GitHub

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GitHub is a world-renowned code hosting platform that is very handy to use today to introduce you to the GitHub account registration and the way to create a GitHub remote repository after logging in.

Visit the GitHub website first, as shown below:

If there is no account, then enter the user name, email, password can create a user and login, if you already have an account, click on the upper right corner of "sign in " and then enter the mailbox, password login.

This is the case after landing:

Click "New repository":

Let's talk about the library type here. Public is all users can see your library, but only you can modify, others can also build a branch submitted to you, but only you can decide whether to accept this support, and private is only you can see the library, Can decide who can see (to provide technical cooperation), but pay, the current cost is:

7 USD/month , or 84 USD/year

Well,7 knives , about one months less than 50RMB . There is no limit after paying, just create a private library. However, it is important to note that VISAis required, that is, a credit card is required to pay for it. You can click on the GitHub personal version here to see the introduction.

Click "Create Repository" to build the library so that a library is built. But this time the new library is still empty.

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